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Carefulness Viewing Market

Executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali
If you walk in the international airport in Brazil, such as Antonio Jobim Airport in Rio de Janeiro, you will see many stores that offer Brazilian coffee. Brand variety, there is Cafe Pele, Pilao Cafe, Cafe do Ponto, and Cafe Pimpinela. As one of the world's major coffee producer, Brazil is clearly proud of his coffee.
 Antonio Jobim Airport in Rio de Janeiro

Once in the waiting room and then headed to the coffee shop on the corner to just fill the stomach, while waiting for the incoming plane, you may be surprised to see coffee machine near the cash register. A Nespresso coffee machine, a Swiss industrial output, appear more prominently than the local coffee machine.

In the place to relax at various international airports, in the modern offices of large companies, or in the homes of the urban, the brand of coffee machine, of course, complete with coffee capsules, a common sight.

Nespresso is not just selling coffee machines and various types of coffee in the container capsule. He also sells a lifestyle image, which is symbolized by the person who selected the company as brand ambassador Nespresso: George Clooney. He is an urban, well-known, simple, well-traveled and sophisticated. That's the reason why the actor was elected by the members of the Nespresso Club from around the world.

No short way to go Nespresso Nestle Group-part of-to achieve a position that is now enjoyed. The idea of ​​a capsule-term for a small container of aluminum foil airtight contain coffee powder-conceived and developed in 1982. Four years later, the company founded Nespresso.

In the history of that company, they call the first 10 years is the pathfinding phase, advanced phase of the next five years driven by innovation, the phase in which the Nespresso achieve break-even point. After phase towards icon status as an international brand, Nespresso brand is now in phase became billionaires.

If now Nespresso premium coffee industry leader in market share in world markets, according to Julian Liew, PR Nespresso, it's because the company's ability to continue to push himself in the search for the best quality thanks to the spirit of innovation that kindled by the pioneer spirit and passion for perfection. This makes an annual growth rate average of 30 percent since 2000.

According to Liew, the Nespresso factory in Avenches, Switzerland, some time ago, Nespresso story begins with an idea that is simple, but revolutionary: how people can make a perfect cup of espresso-with crema, aroma, and a sense of steady-as an expert coffee maker . Crema is the essential oils in coffee that protects the body taste of coffee.

For those who do not know Nespresso, the company is realizing these ideas through two components, namely coffee machines and capsules containing 5.5 grams of ground coffee. Once inserted into the machine, the top of the capsule hole. When executed, the machine pumps hot water at high pressure. In an instant, people can enjoy an espresso with excellent crema.
 Avenches, Switzerland

At the heart of this concept, Liew said, is the Nespresso trilogy, a combination of the three pillars of excellence, namely the highest quality coffee that fits in the container portion capsule, a smart coffee machines and easy to use, and exclusive personal service.

Innovation does not stop

Impression about the best quality search with any lasting innovation was also felt when we visited the factory Lindt & Sprungli, the company's famous high quality chocolate in the world, in Kilchberg, Switzerland.
  in Kilchberg, Switzerland.

Countries that do not produce cocoa beans, but why be known as the famous chocolate producer? The secret, according to Lindt & Sprungli, is the best use of raw materials. They use cocoa varieties from criollo and Trinitario West Africa, South America, and Central America.

In 1879, Rodolphe Lindt invented "conche" to create a chocolate that melts in the mouth by adding cocoa butter. He later sold this patent conche machine on Sprungli families that have a chocolate factory and shop since 1845.

However, innovation does not stop. The experts called the maitre chocolate-Chocolatier-the company continues to seek and develop new recipes and new ways to present their creations. Each production site Lindt & Sprungli around the world have the maitre Chocolatier which is a very valuable asset that chocolate company. In Switzerland, the company has two female and three male maitre Chocolatier.

For the maitre Chocolatier Lindt, the main elements of their creative work is innovation, imagination, and creativity. From idea to product development path is not always smooth. "Excellence Chili recipe example, at first considered to be too spicy," said Hans Geller, maitre Chocolatier who guided us in the chocolate test.

Recipe chocolate with chili flavor was changed and, after dozens of samples, finally found a recipe that balance, producing chocolate which up to now, five years after he created are still very popular.

"Chocolate is like fashion," said Geller. "There are always new innovations."
  in Kilchberg, Switzerland.
Two Swiss companies that demonstrate the importance of seeking the highest quality and continue to innovate. Nespresso, for example, in the ranks of his limited edition last year featuring the "Lion Toba" that can be guessed from the name of coffee from which area. They also have a "Tanzaru" in a series of limited edition.

Nespresso also a clear target market segments. In demographics, customer-Nespresso Club joined in the mid-40s-50s, educated, and cosmopolitan. Frequent travel, know about coffee. These are to choose George Clooney as the embodiment of Nespresso. Who's cosmopolitan middle-aged man who does not want bercitra George Clooney. (Diah Marsidi)

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