Sunday, May 22, 2011

Your Travel Australia

Enchantment tasting adventures in Australia

by Darmansjah Godjali

MID years into the holiday season generally is in sight. Those who want to taste the adventure vacation memorable would have to prepare everything early, including the matter of tourist destinations. If you have not dropped the option, why not to Australia?

There are several reasons that make Affairs Kangaroos can be addressed. First, tourists can feel the winter in this country falls in around June to August.

One of the tourist destination for winter in Australia is at Mount Buller, which can be taken about three hours from Melbourne.

In the region, tourists can see snow-covered slopes, here too can play anyone throwing snowballs, making a snowman, skiing, or simply enjoy the view from the summit of Mt Buller with boarded a cable car.

Australia also has a Sydney, which has a well-known attractions, such as Town Hall, Queen Vitoria Building, Cahtedral St.Andrews, State Theatre, to The Rocks, the oldest residential areas in the city of Sydney.

Cahtedral St.Andrews

In addition, there are many beautiful corner of the city, from Rose Bay and Double Bay, regional and European style of the famous Watson's Bay will be fish and chips, and the Homebush Bay complex which is the 2000 Sydney Olympics. 

Do not forget to shop in the area of ​​David Jones and Queen Vitoria Building.

Adventure still continues to the Gold Coast, the seaside town is an area renowned recreation and entertainment in Melbourne, Australia. There are theme parks Dream World, Australia's largest film studio Movie World complete with Road Runner Roller Coaster him.

For those who liked the tour in the wild, Brisbane region, to cross by ferry to Moreton Island Tangaloma and certainly will be interesting, because there tourists can enjoy the white sand beach tours with a variety of outdoor activities, including feeding the dolphins.

With all this potential, many travel agencies in Indonesia to try to work it through travel packages. One of them is set price Dwidaya Tour tour package for Rp. 1.729 million per person and can surf TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com to satisfy your curiosity about the beauty and regularity of a country in one continent, namely Australia. Interested?

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