Sunday, May 8, 2011

When All the City was Singing

Down in Brazil
It takes a day to walk a mile
Time just stands still
Pls And the people you meet They look at you smile
They still believe in style
They serve you with Their Sambas' til ....

The song "Down in Brazil" by Michael Franks was found concrete shape in Virada Cultural 2011, a grand cultural festival in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, on April 16 to 17 last. Since Saturday night through Sunday afternoon, hundreds of thousands of people stayed up late flush tin fulfill one part of the city of Sao Paulo who made the event arena. Part of the city are closed to private vehicles and public during the festival period.

No fewer than 60 open stage set up in various corners of the city. On Saturday (16 / 4) night at 00.00, for example, appear thrash metal band Sepultura from Brazil. At another stage, on Sunday at 02.00 AM, appearing band The Misfits from the United States (U.S.). At the same stage at 08.00 appears POD (U.S.). Shown is also a jazz musician Deodato.

Virada people who become party was held for 24 hours nonstop and free too. The first cultural event held in 2005 was held without a sponsor and merely rely on funding from the culture department of the municipality of Sao Paulo. Entering the year to-7 administration, Virada Cultural intensified invite musicians from various parts of the world, like USA, UK, Mexico, Jamaica, Cuba, Chile, and Indonesia with Tohpati Ethnomission it. Organizers indeed began targeting audiences from various countries.

Party people

Vibration party began to be felt on Saturday evening. Thousands of people poured the steps of roads in the city. Quite difficult to uncover a solid crowd like juicy. Noise sound or bustle crowded tens of thousands of people all over the city hall was heard throughout the night.

Sunday (17 / 4) morning, melt density. Thousands of people are still roaming the streets. Some others lay sleeping on the grass in city parks or hang out on the steps of the Cathedral of Sao Paulo which was built in 1913.

Mid-morning until dusk, the whole city like singing. Here and there are various kinds of musical sounds. Before cultivation, appear in front of the Basilica of Sao Banto, for example, perform music group Orchestra Rumpilezz. This is an orchestral brass or metal brass plus percussion that mixes jazz with folk music.

In another stage the event was held entitled "Beatles for Sale" in which Beatles songs sung by the Beatles copycat bands. The atmosphere that impressed "wild" look in a city park named Praça da Se, or Se plaza, located next to the Cathedral of Sao Paulo. In the public space disco music was held in which thousands of people are free to dance to the music the DJ treats.

Virada Cultural become a party where people sing and dance all day. During those two days, Brazil is able to serve, pamper its people to rejoice. It may be true Mencius said, "If the king liked the music, be prosperous country."

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