Friday, May 6, 2011

Tour abroad that would not go quiet

By Darmansjah Godjali

A feat in itself if Indonesia is able to achieve the target excursions. As carved on in 2010 . According to the minister of culture and tourism that the level of tourist arrivals to Indonesia to reach 7 million people?

In fact, the arrival of foreign tourists was disturbed by the cancellation of 14 airline toward Indonesia because of the issue Merapi volcano eruption in yogyakarta. However, this disaster did not discourage tourists foreign tourists visiting Indonesia. You need to know, the target of 7 million tourists are able to produce foreign exchange of about 7 billion U.S. dollars.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia (inbound) is encouraging. However, on the side Other, more and more Indonesian tourists as well and not shrink from inhaling foreign tourist charm.Target tourists from Indonesia usually are European countries, the United States, Australia, and Asian countries, such as South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Singapore. For example, the number of Indonesian tourists who touring in Malaysia reached 23.65 million people registered.

Motivating factors

There are several aspects that shape the people of Indonesia whic sights abroad. In Among these are a fairly good economic conditions. Although the world through severe economic crisis. Condition Indonesia's economy can be said relative calm. The improvement of people's income also makes people consider to look
for a different atmosphere in foreign tourism.

Indonesia outbound tourism prospects are quite good. Especially now that fiscal gone, the cost to abroad became more affordable. Indonesia's economic development is also quite within the average level. Communities are increasingly able to spend some costs for travel.

Indications of this tour is clearly seen from the number of flights to foreign countries. For example, the flight of Jakarta to Singapore increased about 6 times a day. Some airlines also add total fleet.

Another factor, some people want a different taste experience abroad. Used to live in tropical country, the Indonesian community was eager to feel the nuances of the country four seasons, one them is a snowy atmosphere.

In addition, foreign tourism is famous for its infrastructure is complete. Starting from the access road towards the resorts, up to a comfortable accommodation. Generally, many countries who have given attention more in terms of tourism. Where tourists are not spoiled with this kind of service?


Tourists from Indonesia are usually a lot of travel to foreign countries at certain times. For example, the  vacation school children (around June-July) or post-Eid holiday.

High season is usually during school holidays or after Idul Fitri and other holidays. Other months indeed there are enthusiasts, but not as much this time.

For low season, or outside of these times, public interest is quite large. The reason,the price is quite skewed compared to the high season.

It is advisable, before making a trip overseas, you have to book or order a package travel far in advance.

Therefore, approaching the day of departure, ticket prices will increasingly expensive. Similarly, with other accommodations.

One way to find inspiration abroad adala hdengan follow the exhibition tour. Exhibition tourism is generally not only show the airline or travel agent (travel agents), but guide them.

There are many benefits that you get from the exhibition tour. For example, booking airline tickets,famous attractions, and other benefits such as promotion tours and new tourism destinations.

One thing to note, before the tour, we recommend that people set goals first, on purpose tours and budget.

For example, if the tour is in conformity with the allocation of funds? What is interesting sightsvisited with complete facilities? Usually the credit card holder, there is a special discount.

Thus,advantage of the excess credit card will now travel.

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