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Tourism as the current Lifestyle

Tourism as the current Lifestyle

By Darmansjah

A question arises, why the tourism sector has become so important? The answer that emerged may be almost uniform, that is for refreshing, relieving fatigue after working or looking for any money or take any exams life.

Some people choose to fill the holiday by going to the mall. However, the nature of the mall was more as consumer goods. Meanwhile, tourism offers a different experience.

Tourism child

However, it turns out that the role of tourism . Recent trends are tourism as one way of life. If in previous decades, travel to foreign countries becomes a matter that is identical with luxury, not anymore. By pocketing a few million dollars only. You can visit a number of countries in Asia.

In fact, travel abroad sometimes cheaper than a tour in a number of tourist sites in Indonesia. For example, if you want to visit in Papua, of course you need to spend more than a vacation to Singapore or Malaysia, and Thailand, and Hongkong. Therefore, do not be surprised if school kids fill the holiday with a tour abroad, because the object was no less attractive tourist and access to get there super regarded as supported by the infrastructure are well maintained.

For children tour, tours to Hong Kong Disneyland, Universal Studios Singapore, Australia Disneyland, and the Australian Dolphin, LA, and many other interesting tourist destinations.

Meanwhile, ahead of Eid al-Fitr holiday pad August 2011 also provides exciting vacation alternative. Among them include Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong-Macau-Shenzhen, China, Korea, Australia with a tourist icons that are very attractive to pass up.

South Korea also became a favorite tourist destination ahead of this summer, especially with the aim of Jeju Island is famous for its tourist beaches. For those who love the cold weather can choose Australia and NewZealand Tour packages offered by travel agents on the holiday program june-july 2011.

For the Eid holiday, tourism destination countries that have entered the autumn weather, so that all tourist destinations can be a favorite vacation destination. In this autumn, you can enjoy the preserved trees and no people who do not care about the shade of a tree that must still be enjoyed since the creation of edish shades of the trees from the leaves of the trees are getting ready to fall.

If you want to vacation in Europe, ordering early is recommended. Because, in addition to more crowded, you still have to take care of visa. This will require a longer time than if going on vacation in the land of Asean neighbor or neighborhood.

Besides traveling to tour, you were on a pilgrimage in some States. For example, by taking a Holyland Tour packages for Eid al-Fitr holiday periods or low season will be accompanied by a priest as a spiritual guide and tour leader.
Looking One Million Enchantment Beijing

China was among the super into two after the U.S., in economic during this decade, a decent and worthy of visiting. Stunning natural charm, tradition and culture that linger to this day, and a variety of other attractions are too me if you do not visit.

If you travel to China, you should not miss the City of Beijing. Beijing is generally a very clean city. Especially on major roads, rubbish and cigarette butts hard to find because it is not disposed of carelessly. Walking is a pleasure because the sidewalk in whole streets throughout the city, which averaged over five yards wide, and comfortable because shaded by trees.

There is absolutely no street vendors across the center of the sidewalk. Even if there are traders who occupy the sidewalk, very tidy arrangement made ​​so that leaves room is comfortable enough to pass the pedestrians. That way, the scene could still be enjoyed.

Along the city of Beijing to the corners on foot or ride public transportation is very pleasant. However, if your first time to the city is very advisable to bring a friend who can speak Chinese, or learn a little first
Transportation convenient.

In addition to a walk that feels fun, tourists will get the same convenience when traveling using public transportation. As a modern big city, transport facilities in Beijing in general is very complete and friendly.

For example, the subway network (metro), according to a fellow who never felt the metro in Paris, London and even Moscow, in Beijing's metro network is simplified. Tourists want to try metro towards justice in Beijing issued only cost two yuan for every route. This artinary tourists do not have to pay again if you want to change the corridor, where the goal, as long as still in the metro area.

Facilities at the subway in Beijing has been there since 1970. through January 2011, this city has 15 metro lines. Total operating metro during rush hour and the solid lines added. The goal to prevent the accumulation of passengers on the platform.

This step looks successful, passenger waiting time is only about 30 seconds on the platform. Conditions in the metro at rush hour remained dense and crowded due to the number of passengers who ride public transportation are enormous.

Similarly, bus transportation, very much, easy, and inexpensive. Fare on the bus in Beijing just one yuan, or about Rp. 1300s per route. Want even cheaper, you can use the subscription card, which costs only 0.4 yuan to be or not to 1 yuan. On certain corridors, buses serve passengers up to 24 hours a day.

Learning Languages

Tourists just need to be careful when going to take a taxi. Although reportedly after the Olympics in Beijing taxi drivers speak English relative, in fact of communicate with them other than using the language / script china is very difficult.

Therefore prior to exit from the hotel or the airport and leave without a translator, you must ensure that all objectives have been translated into Chinese characters. It remained this way would ensure direct to destination, but at least reduce the possibility of frustrating because no communication is connected.

In general, Beijing is a city that is modern in transportation management. Various policies to make transportation and convenient traffic has been assigned the municipality. Starting from the restriction of private vehicles are allowed to go to Beijing, restrictions on new car purchases, car traffic permit rotation based on license plates every day, until the increase in parking rates. The government also continues to widen and increase highway segment. Now Beijing has six ring road along the 130 km from the city center (Tiananmen Square).

Due to economic progress, congestion on the highway Beijing is still not be avoided entirely. However, at least residents and tourists can travel to all corners of the city with a relatively safe, comfortable, and most importantly, many transportation options.

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