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Glancing Time for Taiwan Tourism

by Darmansjah Godjali

Yes, Why is the breadth of the country about the size of West Java province and is located in east China should become a tourist destination? What is interesting from Taiwan?

Maybe this is the basic question for those who want to travel around the East Asian countries. Among other countries, Taiwan should be viewed as a second option, after China, Japan, South Korea, or Hong Kong and Macau. In fact, if you look at the era 1970-1980's. Taiwan is a country favorite travelers from Asian countries.

During this period, China is still circumscribed by the socialist-communist who makes more closed than other countries. Indirectly, Taiwan is adjacent to China is considered to have a decent interesting attractions visited.

However, when China began opening up, people were more and more a glance at the tour's most populous country in the world. Slowly, the interest to Taiwan began to recede. whereas, Taiwan tour is equally charming. Despite having a strong line with the Chinese history, Taiwan has its own characteristics.

Variety Tour

Traveling to Taiwan practically full of surprises. Imagine, this tiny country offers the tourist charms, no less with china. glanced at the western, northern, and southern Taiwan, the tourists can enjoy Taiwan's Modernization step skyrocketed her to leave the country blood.

Traces of modernization and development of Taiwan is seen from the Taipei 101 tower, the second highest skyscraper in the world. Not to mention the architectural works of other Taiwan is not less admirable. For example, Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and the Chung Tai Chan Monastery, which has a strong characteristic in the design of the building.
the Taipei 101 tower
Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
the Chung Tai Chan Monastery

Although the tread in the middle of modernization, culture remains firmly rooted in Taiwan. Having a cultural similarities with China, Taiwan cultural characteristics still protruding. Circle has a long colonial history and has a population of some tribes, aculturitation ensued. Pay attention to any cultural product. Although there are similar splash with Chinese cultural differences.

In terms of natural scenery, Sun Moon Lake is not to be missed. Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan's largest lake, located in the central part of Taiwan. For the beach, you should visit the beaches on the eastern coast of Taiwan. You will be amazed by the beauty of the beach directly facing the Pacific Ocean this.
Sun Moon Lake

Meanwhile, for fans of mountain tourism, you will not be disappointed by the panoramic views that are expressed in the central part of Taiwan. Moreover, there is also the slain amazing Marble Mountains, also helped encourage the rise of a variety of souvenirs made ??pretty decent souvenirs. Shopping in Taiwan also will make the satisfaction of not drain the bag. Because, in addition to a variety of shopping locations, the prices of goods in Taiwan is relatively affordable.
Marble Mountains

Visiting Taiwan, you should not forget the culinary tour. Typical culinary Taiwan is similar to the Chinese, but who displayed different tastes. because it is a renewal of the various tribes (Hokkien? Fuqian, Hakka, and others), the specialty of Taiwan even more diverse.

No need to search for the best in the culinary world-class hotels, ate the typical Taiwanese dishes at the edges of the road was secured will be presenting its own taste sensation. Peking duck, for example. If in China had tasted the dish Peking duck, you should also try cooking duck kahs Taiwan. For true food lovers, there is a different flavor in the taste of food.

Muslim Tours

In terms of culinary, food variety in Taiwan could publish misgivings between kosher and not kosher. For the Muslim community, choose foods that are kosher was not easy. Fortunately, since a few years ago, Taiwan began to offer Muslim Tours for Muslims.

This was driven by the rise of tourists from Malaysia (which incidentally also a Muslim majority) who visited Taiwan. In fact, Taiwan also has a National Palace Museum has a collection of Islamic relics older than the historic relics in Indonesia.
National Palace Museum

In Taiwan alone about 60,000 of its citizens embrace Islam. This has affected the presence of mosques and halal food sellers. The tourists were undoubtedly Muslims will not have trouble finding a place of worship and halal food is consumed. Especially if you take the ticket package tours, tourists will be invited to visit a special restaurant that provides kosher food. No need to fret right?

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