Friday, May 6, 2011

Return the Love of Forest

Indonesia is one country which has the largest tropical rainforest in the world but unfortunately until this moment eroded by the indifference of society and the greed of businessmen to the assets of the State and people of this precious has been shrinking, from year to year until the beginning of 2011, want proof? you can just visited the forest, if they have something called a forest, the forest is said is not the bush or digging trenches former mining and illegal logging conducted by the Indonesian nation destroyer.

Ironically, forest fires and forest encroachment, felling of trees (illegal logging), and land clearing for oil palm plantations needs, agriculture, and settlement and has been running smoothly threatening to kill the forest areas that threaten the sustainability of the forest on the present and future.

On the other hand, the efforts of those who sought to restore forest conditions with afforestation or reforestation as if invisible. Even the local police officers participating in a race-related barriers, whether they are underlying reasons preventing revegetation?

The problem is, there are some irresponsible parties who use the forests for many economic interests alone. This has become one of the convening of the 3rd base Foresty Going Green Expo 2011.

Going Green Forestry Expo aims to stimulate interest and business investment in the forestry sector and increasing public awareness of the importance of Indonesia's forests for life now, today, and as the lungs of the world.

The 3rd IndoGreen Forestry Expo 2011 held in April 2011, only lasted 3 days working at the Jakarta Convention Center. This event is an exhibition IndoGreen the third since it was first implemented in 2009. At this time, this event raised the theme of Forests for People Living Green Concept for Better Futere.

The theme is in line with UN resolution 61/193 that sparked in 2011 as International Year of Forestry with the theme of Forests for People, this exhibition is a forestry department spokesman said as a foundation for celebrating the international forestry in Indonesia, just a shame, this exhibition is just the discourse base mere talk without any continuation of the good ideas and educate.

So what will be offered in the organization of this event?

Again, the only purpose is merely to say the business arena as well as a means of opening investment opportunities, IndoGreem Forestry Expo will display products and services environmentally friendly forestry, forestry sector leading edge technology, and several attempts of industrialized countries in ensuring the sustainability of Indonesia's forests, sector business development activities forestry, and CSR, and very unfortunate such a good idea on paper and limited to the exhibition not proceed in a consistent and sustainable forestry by the holders of power.

Mentioned for the Uniting Mission

So, in essence, this event is an event which combines facets of the business, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and education. From the business side, the forest has enormous business potential, ranging from wood, forest products, mining products, etc. are sorted out not to be exploited. This potential can be optimized to be a source of income for the community?

From the responsibilities of companies, this event aims to emphasize reforestation on companies that use forest products. Simply put, if a tree has been cut down, plant new trees to restore forest conditions.

In terms of education, the public are advised to plant trees, not only to improve environmental conditions, but also for generations present and future.

The public wants to made aware of the importance of the forest. Not only cared for and protected, but also strive to be exploited forests as economic resources without destroying it. Therefore, there is no forest, no life.

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