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Enjoying Nature Tours Huangshan

CHINA not only become an important country in the world arena, both political and economic. Domestic tourism sector Communist country "wide opening" this also has its own unique advantages and after the era of openness by Deng Xiao Phing start applied into the people and the nation by government officials who centralize  in Beijing. Starting from nature tourism, cultural, and historical tours and even China's unique technology can be seen from the reflections glittering big cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong, which combines sophisticated technology infrastructure with local knowledge of Chinese.

xia in

gobi desert
to try the tourist destinations in China, can choose tour packages through travel agencies that provide promotions tourist destinations in China, such as the selection of tourist destinations of Beijing, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Suzhou, Shanghai, Ningxia, Xia-In, and still millions of other attractions are scattered in wide areas to the outskirts of the Russian border, such as Harbin and the border with India to the location of the highest ascent of the world in Tibet, or to regional destinations such as the desert expanse of the Gobi Desert and savanna on the border with Mongolia.

great wall

Many Indonesian people who travel to enjoy the natural attractions in addition to their consumerist lust with shopping, so that one of them is the choice of alternative initial priority even sights that you want to explore such as natural scenery in Huangshan Mountain. Mountains is located in Anhui Province, south eastern China.

Anhui Province
This area is famous for its granite peaks that form a very unique by the creations of nature, like a monkey gazing at the sea of cloud, a flying stone, welcoming trees, lotus peak banch, scneary beautiful pine tree. Where the pine trees swaying in the gentle wind and the scope of white mist blankets the mountains and scenery surrounding clouds make your arms as if in a cloud blanket even like being in the clouds.

 a monkey gazing at the sea of cloud

a flying stone
welcoming trees

lotus peak banch
scneary beautiful pine tree

In the meantime, when traveling in winter, while flying above the height of the mountain, we could feel the sigh of white snow in the morning charming gentleness penetrated the inner soul of the deepest heart. The scene on the mountain is always different in each season from perspectives path location of this mountainous area, and also depend on the mercy of the weather.

Mount Huangshan or Yellow Mountain has a great natural charm and stunning beauty, so in addition to often appear on tradisioanal china painting, has always been an inspiration to many poets and artists in China to perpetuate their masterpieces, and often become the very object wonderful for the photographer or photo jurnaslim around the world to not miss a beautiful moment in nature's masterpiece Huangshan.

Lots of travelers and tourism players from around the world, both from Europe and America who stay longer than seven nights in a frame only to perpetuate their memories in a format or a file photo and video formats in the same place with different weather conditions.

Each year, the mountain is always crowded domestic and foreign tourists, because the accommodation through the infrastructure that has been well maintained by local authorities and the Chinese culture itself also makes this area look more beautiful and pectacular as the flowers covering the slopes and also on when the snow fell slowly blanketing the slopes of the mountain to give the feel extraordinary silence when snow covered the whole expanse of mountains.

So for a true lover of travel and the traveler who wants to travel to China do not miss the spectacular sight and drank in the beauty of mountains natural masterpiece.

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