Monday, November 7, 2011

Canon EOS 1100D

executive summary by darmansjah

A Making A Splash in beginner’s kit bag

The latest entry-level release from Canon the EOS 1100D bridges the gap between the ease of a compact camera and the superior imaging power of DSLR. It is well-suited for a beginner target audience, maybe even finding a home amid a professional’s photography equipment.

Inheriting features from its predecessor and older sibling, the 1000D and the 600D, respectively, this little packages is backed by the highly acclaimed DIGIC 4 image processor producing faster image processing and noise reduction at higher ISO settings. Small and lightweight, the camera comes packed with a 12.2-megapixel CMOS sensor, high-speed, nine-point auto focus system, which swiftly tracks and focuses on fast-moving objects, and a 2.7-inch Wide Angle Viewing LCD. Capturing HD Movies at 1280x720 resolution allows you to complement your photography with high-definition video. The camera comes equipped with Basic+, a new feature designed to help you achieve fuss-free, high-quality images, simplifying photography by allowing you to opt for simple settings like “warm”, “soft”, or “vivid”; perfect for those wishing to stay in the safety of the auto setting such as “colour saturation” or “white balance” are still available.

Also includes is the new Feature Guide, which makes the camera user friendly by pairing simple descriptions with all the functions and settings and even suggests the ideal usage of each function. The new Video Snapshot function shoots quick clips of two, four, or eight. These snippets can then be played back on the viewing screen for quick and simple enjoyment. The Canon 1100D, brimming with user-functionality and the superb image quality found in more advanced models, is available in red, brown, metallic gray, and black, plus a matching neck strap.

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