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Exoticism of the United States

los angeles city hall
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END is a time that is right for you and your family to enjoy the beautiful carving experience the natural charm and grandeur of historic buildings that exist in various parts of the world. United States, for example, not only be a developed country and the well-known in the automotive and technology, but also menyimpa potential beauty of nature and tourist attractions of interest.

disneyland los angeles

One of the interesting tourist attractions that can be visited with the family and the child is Disneyland. The park is located in Anaheim, United States West Coast has a variety of rides in the nature of dreams. The whole character of Disney characters took to the streets, making as if you and your family are in fairyland. All day long you will be invited to the wild dreams that are familiar to the children, with attractions that draw-ataraksi with fantasy effects, such as Indiana Jones, Jungle Cruise, Haunted House, Pirates of the Caribean, Spalsh Mountain, Space Mountain, Rocket Rods, Honey I Shrunk the Audience, and others. Besides Disney, Space Mountain roller coaster rides to attractions can also be enjoyed.

sanfransisco city hall

In addition to an impressive playground, Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge linking the city of San Francisco, California in the San Francisco Peninsula to Marin, California worth a visit. Has a length of 2727 meters, the distance between towers 1280 meters above the surface of the water makes the bridge is beautiful and amazing to be enjoyed.

Another amazing natural beauty is the Grand Canyon. Steep rugged canyon formed by the Colorado River and cut a strait for millions of years, has a length of about 446 kilometers, and has a tributary layered dang amazing really fascinating to see it.

Next is Los Angeles, where you can visit the Mann's Chinese Theater, which is a cinema that can accommodate as many as 2,000 people. In front of the Walk of Fame, yagn a stamp feet and hands of famous celebrities. Then you can navigate the Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive shopping center that is exclusive to celebrities.

haaleka nationa park

Indan and interesting, that's what dpat memawikili other cities, the Honolulu, Hawaii. There you can visit Waikiki Beach, Hanuma Bay Lookout, Halona Blowhole, Diamond Head Crater. Playing on the sand and waves murmur, the wide, creating an incredible sensation. Atracting with surfboards can be done krena waves are not harmful. Ko'olau Pali cliff scenery can be enjoyed immediately along the coast. Besides the beach, comeliness city filled with monuments and works of art were served in these countries. Warning Mounmen Peal Harbour can be visited, here can see the history of World War II bombing of Pearl Harbour dengna, the United States. There are still many other tourist attractions that are not less interesting than the European countries to gain further insight.

Ko'olau Pali cliff

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