Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Bientat a Pariss...!!

Executive summary by darmansjah

After some months of preparation, Travelers France agent finally set its foot in Europe with the opening of Tour France on April, 2011. the first Franco-Indonesian tour operator based in Paris, Travelers France is specializing in land arrangements throughout Europe for groups and individual travelers. Besides handling tours and travel in Europe, Travelers France also promote and offer tour packages to Asia’s favorite destinations such as India, China, Malaysia, and Singapore. As the member of Paris Tourism Office and convention bureau, Travelers France has the ability to handle incentive programs. Recently, the only South East Asia tour operator in France is successfully handling 2200 pa.x incentive group from Indonesia.

The local knowledge combined with networks in Europe and Asia, enable Travelers France to guarantee efficient, high quality service at competitive prices. Where there is new life, there will be new vision, followed by new challenge and as the only Indonesian tours operator based in France, and probably in Europe, Travelers France is ready to play an active role in European market . the office is located at heart of Paris, in 5th arroundissement, nearby Pantheon, surrounded by most beautiful places and historical building of Paris and where the famous French schools and the biggest French university, La Sorbone are located.

10 reasons why working with us

  1. A direct line to Europe when you book with Travelers France leisure your are dealing with a person on the ground who can provide you with the latest updates as well as quickly access the best deals in the region. The result faster, more direct replies, fantastic savings and no intermediaries.
  2. Multi cultural team being Indonesia living in Europe, we understand the needs of Indonesia people when traveling to Europe better.
  3. We share our local knowledge, unlike other European tour operators, we don’t just send you a program that is mass produced, but we listen to your requests, share our knowledge, and give you best possible suggestion based on real situation, adapted to your budget and your need.
  4. Competitive prices with quality other European tour operators offer low price by reducing quality of tour but we offer you high quality tour without increasing the price.
  5. Experienced team: our team has more than 10 years of in-depth knowledge, strong connections and expertise.
  6. Hassle-free-travelling we provide all-in-one service for your travel plan in Europe based on your budget, from flight booking (low cost Europe), inter-Europe buses, trains, car rentals, hotels, and others.
  7. Personal direct assistance. You deal  with the same person from beginning till the end. When you call our hotline number, you will talk with someone who will assist you and not to answering machines or different indirect people at different channels.
  8. Flexibility unlike other European tour operators who work with and controlled by system, our work is based on flexibility adapted to best possible situation and condition studied for each clients.
  9. Quality control we know our suppliers and tested all the products. We focus on proposing and maintaining qualified products on competitive prices.
  10. Dare to be different. We are not only selling and organizing classical tours, but we create different, authentic and original package torus for everyone. We continuously strive to look for for new ideas and develop new programs everyday in Europe and Asia

Find our Hot Deals at TravelerGuidanceBlogspot and get the guidance from the expertise.

Paris, One Step Ahead!

Just how your imagined it...Paris has something for everyone in a multifaceted, magical, mythical and sometimes surprising capital that is always exciting.

People go to Paris to admire its exceptional architectural and cultural heritage, which makes it one of the world’s most beautiful cities. This dynamic heritage is constantly being updated and enriched. Paris is also the capital of gastronomy-a city where something is always happening. This committed to the nations of quality of life and sustainable development and offers its inhabitants and visitors a particularly pleasant setting innovative, audacious and vibrant, Paris has leapt boldly into the 21st century.

Paris, the world capital of fashion and design, invites you for a walk, where the focus is on indulgence and elegance. After all, the French capital remains and inimitable showcase for the finest luxury brands. Paris has always attracted designers and fashion designers, whose talents fill one window display after another. And treat yourself to Paris, whether it be clothes, a handbag or a perfume...because Paris is yours for the taking.

Go discover the many aspects of the city and the surrounding areas, go visit Paris, all of Paris, according to your time there, your interests or simply your spur of the moment impulses. Embark on a relaxed discovery tour of different neighborhoods, with their unique atmosphere and lifestyles and treasures. So, there is Paris for you. Have a great time in Paris!

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