Tuesday, November 15, 2011

City To Go

Surabaya, Indonesia
executive summary by darmansjah

Why Go Now
In loving advantage of the opportunity to take a short trip with a lover. If Bali is too crowded Surabaya may be an option that is not less interesting. This old port town has many interesting objects that you can enjoy with your partner.


Romantic Stay
Built in 1910 by the Sarkies family who is also the founder of the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, Hotel Majapahit Indies architecture still keeps the charm of a well-maintained. Hotel with 150 rooms has a courtyard garden filled with trees, flowers and fountains are neat. Each room has a touch of elegance, antique, grand, and warm, perfect for adding a romantic impression on this holiday.

Hotel Majapahit Surabaya
Tunjungan 65th Street, Surabaya. Tel: +62 31 5454 333, wwww. Hotel-majapahit.com

Romantic Dining
Situated at a height of 21 floors, you visit the restaurant Citilites for a sunset view of the different typical Surabaya.
When the orange horizon changed the night, a light sprinkling of city night atmosphere will be a complement to dinner with a menu of western and Indonesia. Closing the night is long, serving cocktails at the rooftop bar while enjoying the evening breeze atmosphere will be the moment to strengthen your love rope.

Java Paragon, Jl. Mayjend, Sungkono 101-103 Surabaya, Indonesia Tel. +62 31 562 1234, info@javaparagon.com


What To Do
When did you last ride a rickshaw, the traditional means of transport are still mostly found in the city? You can bypass the classical route through the Monument of Heroes, Red Bridge, jagalan and Square before returning to the hotel. Travel with beak is better done at night when the weather is not too hot, hot and crowded.

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