Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Singapore is Fun

Executive summary by Darmansjah

Fun is the most appropriate word to describe Singapore. This mini-state has always had a new attraction that invites curiosity of tourists from various countries, from Indonesia is no exception. You connoisseur of art and architecture? Singapore has many wonders of design and building structures that will make you chuckle in awe, ranging from Raffles’s hotel a well-maintained building up Marina Bay Sands with its Sky-Park are spectacular.

Your culinary connoisseur? A variety of restaurants and cafes ranging from Clark Quay until Dempsey presents culinary from traditions across the world. You a fan of shopping? Singapore with dozens of huge shopping malls like Vivo City and Orchard Ion ready to offer fashion products Monday. Even the beginning of September 2011 and H & M of Sweden has opened its first store in Southeast Asia in this city!

Beyond that, there are many more that are offered by the state that can be reached easily from all over Indonesia. Every musical fans definitely will not miss the chance to watch the Lion King show that continues to be extended because of the high interest of the audience. In fact, seeing this trend, Marina Bay Sands began December 7 will present another Broadway blockbuster show called Wicked for a limited period of running. A little leak, the show is a musical work of Stephan Schwatz challenging adventure that tells the story of Elphaba and Glinda pursued by the witches of Oz. With ticket prices ranging from S $ 55 - 250, and certainly do not want to miss this golden opportunity is not it?

History is also getting attention in Singapore and an interesting exhibition organized by the Asian Civilisations Museum you must visit. Taking the theme of "Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor and His Legacy", this exhibition you can directly see 100 artifacts from Shaanxi Province, China, relics of the first emperor to unify Affairs of China, Shi Huang Di. Starting from various forms of terracotta statues, bronze and jade to the masterpiece, you'll get a real picture of China's imperial wealth. This exhibition has been held and ends on 16 Okotober 2011.

Bird lovers must have been familiar with Jurong Bird Park, one of the world's largest bird park that has more than 4600 birds of about 380 species. A variety of birds from around the world have a national park earlier this year reached the age of 30 years, ranging from pink Flamingo of South America, Cassowary from Indonesia, up to EMU from the Australian continent. Each placed secar clustered according to their habitat. At African Waterfall Aviary, for example, you can meet with about 1500 native African birds that fly freely in the area of ​​high waterfall is 30 meters. You are interested in falconary, an aristocratic tradition of medieval Europe that is now popular in the Middle East, can follow the activities of Be a Falconer Programme, where you can learn about eagle of surplus is known as the king of all birds.

The annual event, held secra festive can you celebrate here. You are fond of racing Formula I can be visited on September 23 to 25 watch favorite team compete while enjoying a variety of world-class musical performances. No half-hearted, this year 2011 you can see the famous stars like Shakira, Linkin Park and BOY GEORGE. Meanwhile, in late October, Halloween, a tradition that is identical with American culture, will also be celebrated on a large scale. One of the organizer is the Night Safari, which this year re-organized the event titled Halloween Horrors: Carnival of Fear, where you and your family will get the exciting and thrilling experience that will always be remembered.

Singapore is not only known as a shopping paradise. Negar is also has a variety of attractions that apart from providing entertainment also can educate every visitor who comes. One is the Wildlife reserves Singapore (WRS) which take care some conservation-themed place concept back to nature that is Jurong Birds Park, Night Safari, Singapore Zoo and that will be opened shortly River Safari.

Who does not know the Jurong Bird Park? This wildlife sanctuary annually visited by more than 900,000 visitors who want to know better the various species of birds that making collection. Consist of several zones that can be enjoyed while relaxing with your family such as the African Waterfall Aviary, Heliconia Walk, Parrot Paradise, Pelican Cove, Penguin Coast, also Bird Discovery Center, you will be enchanted by the beauty of variety exotic birds  in environments that resemble their natural habitat. No only it, Jurong Birds Park also features several attractions that you can enjoy include Birds n Buddies Show, Kings of the Skies Show, also Lunch with Parrots. One of the newest attractions Be a Falconer, where you can know more about the various species of birds the Eagle and its role in culture.

Did you know that many animals who conduct their activities at night? Night Safari is located at 80 Mandai Lake Road will give you watch the exciting experience of life variety noctural animals that most likely you have never seen. No half-hearted, an area of ​​40 hectares of this park become home to more than 1000 animals of 115 different species of animals! And could see immediately that protected animals such as elephants and lions Asia, anoa, tapirs, bison, fishing cats, red dholes, markhors, Malayan tigers, as well as some rare animal species others. Besides enjoying blodiversitas fauna, you can also try dining experience at the Gourmet Safari Experience. Interestingly, while enjoying dinner, you will be taken around 8 different zones using the tram.

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