Friday, November 25, 2011

Beautifuly Byron

Executive summary By  Darmansjah

With so much on offer, Byron Bay promises one unforgettabel experience after another.

Rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit in the enchanting Byron Bay region, located just 45 minutes south of Australia’s Gold Coast. This pristine coastline offers surfing, whale and seabird watching, as well as an opportunity to frolic with dolphins. Artists, writers and musicians are similiary drawn to the Bay, deriving inspiration from its sublime grandeur.

Byron Bay and the surrounding region is a place of astonishing natural beatuy where teeming marine parks and ancient rainforest are nourished by vast winding rivers. Its rolling hills and rugged mountins are complemented by its warm, hospitable climate.

Natural Attractions

One of the attractions not to be missed is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Be splebound by various species of birds, reptiles and animals in their full technicolor splendour.

Ten minutes away from Gold Coast airport is Tropical Fuit World, fondly referred to as “ A Theme Park with a Difference” for its impeccable ability to deliver (fruitly) fun for the whole family. Tropical fruit World features a nyriad of delicious favourites such as jackfruit to the famed chocolate pudding fruit.

Byron Bay is also famed for being Australia’s richest point break zone. A fertile wave-zone discovered by Australia and American surfers of the late sixties is now enjoyed by a growing number of surfing entusiast. But non-suffers shoudn’t worry,; beautiful beach-goers from all overs th globe ensure that the bay is also a great place for people watching!

Vibrant Arts Scene

Revelling in tis role as one of Australia’s arts and creative industries hub. Byron Bay is also home to a rich calendar of events. Annual festivals include: Bay Bluesfest (April), Numbin Mardi Gras(June), Byron Bay Writers festival (August), Grafton Jacaranda festival (October).

A meeting pot of cosmopoliltan chic, alternative philosophies, beach culture and hedonictic indulgence, Byron Bay is truly one of a kind interms of tis free-spirited charm and effortless allure.

So reward yourself; laze in sof sand as yo knock back a cold one, experience the luscious melancholic linger of that pentatonic lick on a blues guitar. Let Byron Bay’s laid-back attitude disclose to you the true art of leisure.

Travel Essentials

Geography-Byron Bay is a coastal town in the Northern Rivers of New Sout Wales (NSW), located jut off the Pacific Highway, approximately 800 kilometers north of Sydney and 175 kilometers south of Brisbane.

Climate-NSW has a temperate climate, thus Byron Bay is warm and welcoming throughtout the year. September to November is autumn in NSW. Average autumn temperatures range from 17 deggree Celcius and 22’ C.

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