Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Its beautiful winter in Harbin

executive summary by darmansjah

Ice and Snow City. This is the nickname pinned on a city on the northern tip of China, namely Harbin. When cities like Beijing and Shanghai you've often heard and can be visited at any time throughout the year, unlike the case with Harbin. The city became a popular destination when winter arrives.

Given its location on one of China's northern tip, you can imagine the temperature in Harbin is cooler than other cities in China. In fact, the temperature may reach about -36 degrees Celsius in winter. Eventhough  cold, Harbin has an unforgettable charm. Just visit Sun Island Snow Sculpture Park. Here, and could see the ice carvings shaped building world famous skyline. In addition, there are various forms of decoration made of snow is very beautiful.

TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com revolves around, tourists can watch the ice festival in the region carving Sun Island Park Show Scultpure held once every year. The festival is usually held at about mid-December to January and has a different theme. For example, in 2010 and ice sculpture festival theme is Disney cartoon characters.

Surely it would be a special experience when you see chunks of ice are carved into interesting shapes by local artists. The cold was as if expelled, would beauty admiration changed the contours of ice that form a stunning masterpiece. Just prepare any heavy clothing and enjoy an ice sculpture festival in Harbin.

However, not only that. The uniqueness is not only limited to Harbin ice and snow. A church which combines western culture (Russia) and the feel of the east (China) stand upright in Harbin, which is the Church of Santa Sophia. The architecture of the church is somewhat unique lure the attention of anyone who come to Harbin. Do not forget to immortalize yourself in a camera during a visit to this place together TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com

To prepare for the cold winter temperatures in Harbin, a good idea to take a moment to shop for special clothing in winter Yaxiu Market in Beijing. Besides shopping, and also can be at once visited the Bird’s Nest National Stadium, the stadium was built and made famous as the location of the event at the Beijing Summer Olympic Games in 2008 and earlier.

Other elegance

Not only a compelling Harbin. Shanghai also has its own charm. The city dubbed the Manhattan of Asia is a modern city, known as the skyscraper buildings. One is the Oriental TV Tower, Shanghai's iconic. Other destinations in Shanghai is The Bunds or Shanghai Tan on the banks of the River Huang Pu and Yu Yuan Garden or the Garden of Happiness. This park is the only park located in the heart of Shanghai and one where the legacy of a governor in the Ming Dynasty.

In Shenyang, and may visit the Former Residence of Zhang Xue Liang. As for Zhang Xue Liang was one of the Chinese fighters in the past. Here, you can see that his home was still awake and well maintained as well as studying one fragment in China story. Shenyang also you can go to Mukden Palace and the Qing Dynasty Street.

Other destinations that are not less attractive is the Puppet Manchurian Palace. Initially these attractions is the palace of Emperor Pu Yi, last emperor of the Qing Dynasty who became a puppet emperor of Manchuria power. From here, you will get a glimpse into the history of the kingdom of China under the leadership of the nation Manchuria. Interested in visiting China? Do not miss Harbin!

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