Thursday, November 24, 2011

Checking In Yunnan

Yunnan Ease by Ron Gluckman

Sneak Peak, The mountain-backed entrance to Lijiang’s Hotel Pullman

Sizing up this Southern Chinese province’s two newest retreats.

A villa Bedroom

executive summary by Darmansjah
Pullman Lijiang Resort and Spa

One of China’s most popular destinations, Lijiang has never lacked crowds, but luxury lodgings have been limited to just a couple of inns. Now, you can made that three. Designed like an  ancient mountain village, the Pullman is welcome addition to the scene both for its looks and its location, which is walking distance to Shuhe, the lesser visited an more atmospheric of Lijiang’s heritage-listed Old Town areas.

The Pullman brand is meant to be a small side step from Sofitel, the Accor hotel group’s premium category with the same service standards, but not quite as luxurious fittings. While that may be the case with its citsy hotels this Yunnan gateway property pulls out of the stops and piles on the pampering.

There are only 120 rooms, the majority of which are massive private villas, all arrayed along stone lanes that wind around canals, ponds and lagoon crossed by an arched bridge. From the outside, the compounds appear austere, with tile roofs tucked behind bamboo thickets and gray stone walls  etched with Naxi tribal patterns. But there is nothing understated about the villas’ interiors,  which boast full-size living rooms with huge flat-screen TV, plush master bedroom and gorgeous stone-floored bathrooms with big.

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