Thursday, November 17, 2011

Budget Travel Sydney

Day 3, executive summary by darmansjah

Royal Botanical Gardens & Art Gallery of NSW - Pylon Lookout Tower - Paddy's Market.

Start your day with a leisurely walk while enjoying the lush trees in the park of 30 hectares

the Royal Botanical Gardens.  

You can see people exercising or sitting in Sydney green grass and read a book or a group of tourists who are busy taking photos with the background of the famous opera house. If you loving art, 

Art Gallery of NSW 

which is located adjacent to the park should not be missed. Featuring a collection of the best works of art and culture of Australians, here there can enjoy the treats of modern art and contemporary style. Instead of spending lots of money to go up the Sydney Tower, you can visit 

the Pylon Tower
to see Sydney from a height. End your day with a leisurely shopping at Paddy's Market. As one of the largest market offering all kinds of products.  

Paddy's Market 
is located in Haymarket approximately 150 years old. One of the iconic spot market in Sydney, found a neat line of stalls along the road selling a wide range of goods. Because the market closes at 5 pm, make sure you come here before sunset.

Where To Stay
Centrally located, wake up! Being close to Central Station and Railway Square. For bus transportation suggestions, you can walk to Central Station, where the CBD Shuttle will stop. Wake up! Providing shelter economical, clean and strategically located. One of the advantages of this budget hotel is fasilitar free tour, held every Monday (City Tour), Wednesday (Beach Walks) and Friday (City Tour).
Wake Up1 Sydney Central, 509 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW Australia. Tel. +61 2 9288 7888 Fax. +61 2 9288 7889, e.mail: or

What To Eat
Do not be surprised by the main course of food prices, due in Sydney for the Asia stomach capacity like Indonesia, entree (appetizer) course, more than enough to satiate your stomach.

How To Explore
For transportation from the Airport to the City, you can use the facilities Airport KST Sydney Shuttle Bus. KST allow you to go down right in front of a wake up! Where you stay. Tickets will be cheaper if you do online booking, round-trip (AUD20.70) or One Way (AUD 12.60). or you can also buy a Day Pass, utuk AUD20, one full day you can use fasilita bus, ferry and monorail full. To menjelajajahi CDB area, use the free bus facility, CBD Shuttle (Route 555) provides a bus every 10 minutes interval, from 09:30 am to 15:30 pm (weekdays) and 09:30 [ago jomgga 18:00 (weekends). Plan your route by visiting www.131500info berpegian to find out means of transport in Sydney.

Accommodation (2 nights)

@ AUD38 per night EUR 76

Transport Day Pass AUD 20

Eat @ AUD20 per day AUD 60

Tickets Pylon Lookout AUD 9.50