Friday, November 18, 2011

Enjoying the Summer Time on the Best Beach of Italy…It’s Wonderful…

Summer has come, it’s time to enjoy the wonderful beach, as we are enjoying it in San Vito Lo Capo beach. The breathtaking Panorama…Crystal clear water…The white sandy beach which gleams with beauty will welcome you, when you step your feets in San Vito Lo Capo Beach.

executive summary by Darmansjah

San Vito Lo Capo beach, a beach full of charm, which won an award as Migliore La Spiaggia d'Italia, topped the Top 10 Travelers' Choise Award Beaches 2011, this award is given by TripAdvisor, the world largest travel site

The beach is beautiful, located in San Vito Lo Capo, a sea-side town, municipality or equivalent, which is part of the province of Trapani, Italy. The name of the main beach in this sea-side town, has the same name as the name of his municipality, namely, San Vito Lo Capo beach. In addition to San Vito Lo Capo beach, there are also several other beaches, or rather gulfs, nature reserve, historical center, a typical gastronomic also can be encountered at sea - side of this town.

San Vito own beach, has a captivating beauty, its blue and clear sea water, its white sand, its exquisite scenery, cleanliness and regularity of its beaches, all inviting admiration ... On the beach ... Crystal clear water is not merely a slogan , but it is real .... and it offers a marvelous panorama .... not surprisingly, this beach is quite often served by VIPs such as footballers, top models and celebrities in general, was a frequent area of ​​shooting some ads in Italy, as well as some movies in Italy.

Enjoying time at the beach this summer, set foot on its white sand, feeling the water is like crystal ... exquisite scenery ... for me ... this gives the sensation .... And their own satisfaction .... It's beautiful creation of nature. Harmony of colors - colorful plants that adorn the sea-side town, also adds to the charm of San Vito Lo Capo, in which the various sides of the road, there are various plants decorate, such as hibiscus, oleander, bougainvielle, Palms, and the scent of jasmine wafted from multiple angles road.

Event - an annual event, also helped decorate, Cous - cous fest, an international gastronomic festival, a cooking competition Cous - cous, which was followed by various countries in the world, where it involves judging the famous Italian chef, in addition, there is also a Summer music festival, which is decorated by the appearance of the singer's top Italian or International, then the International Festival of Kites Flying, Climbing Festival, etc..
A lovely sea-side town, in addition to crystal clear and blue water is like crystal, the other attraction is its unique gastronomy, there are many restaurants here with a variety of typical Italian cuisine, there are also some upscale restaurant, which has exceptional quality , such as Ristorante Agora, Syirah Ristorante, Ristorante Alfredo, etc.. Restaurant - restaurant is quite often the purpose of VIPs; The soccer players, top models and celebrities Italy. Cuisine - cuisine at the restaurant has its own delights, taste distinctive, quality qualified. I myself, had several times to enjoy a meal in the restaurant - restaurant, several times the time to enjoy dinner at the restaurant Agora, ranging from Appetizer, First, Second and Desert it was superb.

Another thing that concerns me, is the beach area, as well as the sea - side town of his very well-organized. There is a road - the road that lies not far from this beach, but the road - this road all Summer, deliberately closed to vehicles, and only for pedestrians only .... So that comfort and cleanliness more awake ... The connoisseurs of beaches, are also better able to enjoy the beauty its beaches, and more air-refreshing in comfort, we also can take a walk along the road near the beach, while enjoying the panorama that exists. Near the road - the road there is the garden - the garden, whether small, medium or large, with various types of plants in it, add to the beauty of this area.

Environmental hygiene is fundamental, it was realized very well by the Comune (city council) and their peoples. Citizens and tourists - tourists are also always throw trash in its place, the Comune itself provides a place - the trash at various angles, in different places. Population-were used to dispose of waste by sorting, ie organic waste, waste paper, waste glass, waste plastic, waste, dry place - the trash-is also provided in 5 colors, indicating the 5 types of waste, dry, organic, paper, plastic, and glass. Sea-side town has maintained a very clean, but because of the relatively high community awareness, lack of regulation that not only prohibited from littering, but if any of the residents who do not perform garbage disposal with household garbage sorting at them, then charged fines as a consequence. Sorting of waste disposal program is also called a Racolta Differenziata, sorting is very important, also in the process of recycling the waste - waste that allows it to do recycle, but there are also uses several other types of waste, as electrical energy. In my opinion, regulation is necessary to support the creation of a clean and orderly environment. Slogan that echoed in Italy is, DifendiL'Ambiente, Ricicla I Rifiuti , (Save the environment, your Recycle Rubbish).

Not only is the beach of San Vito Lo Capo that can be enjoyed on the sea-side town, but also a nature reserve called Zingaro, covering an area of ​​1650 hectares and a coastline about 7 km, is its own pleasure, explore the nature reserve is on foot , along the coast line, there are some gulfs, so we can enjoy them one by one, because there is any way to its gulf. In addition to charming gulfs , foothill also wonderful because it was decorated by plants - plants typical of the Mediterranean, there are also some animals that live freely, like a rabbit - a rabbit, boar, etc., are all protected by the state. There is also a historic caves, museums located in a historic residential homes. The spectacular panoramic view seen along the coast line (about 7 miles) when we had time to explore it on foot, exploration is also possible to use boats or Yachts, we do both, either on foot or using the yacht, at different times. Then there Macari (still part of the territory of San Vito Lo Capo Comune), which is famous for its wonderful panoramic views, beautiful gulf and unforgattable sunset, then, there is also a historical city, ancient city, named Erice, which is still occupied and still running function very well, was in this old town, seemed to go back to ancient times, when the civilization of ancient Rome or ancient Greece, I feel a special atmosphere. The building - so typical and historical building, well most of the buildings - residential buildings, churches - churches, castles - the castle of his, or walking trails, all are still maintained as usual and preserved, very impressing.

So much elegance, beauty can be enjoyed, and also lessons to be learned, the importance of keeping the environment clean, because like any beauty, without cleanliness maintained, then the beauty of it will also be eroded, regardless of cleanliness and discipline, then our environment could be threatened. Another lesson is the preservation of nature is well kept, the buildings - the historic buildings are maintained and very well maintained.

The sea, the incredible natural heritage of this area, the historical centers, the cuisine ... Offered to the perfectsetting of peace and relaxation

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