Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Your Travel | Guang Xi

Legends On Tour Guang Xi
by Darmansjah

Ever watch the avatar The Last Air bender? The film, written and directed by M Night Shyamalan and released in 2010 it was succeeded in charming every pair of eyes watching.

However, you believe that the settings for the film is loaded with content related to metologi china, culture and arts , material arts asia, and various legends can be seen directly?

If the question is quite intriguing curiosity, why not try to come to Guang Xi, because the city is not inferior to what the director described it.

The journey begins when you leave tracks and smell the town of Nanning is the capital city of Guang Xi. When landing at Nanning airport, travelers can choose a place to stay and rest are not far from the airport, such as universal hotels.
nanning detian waterfalls

When morning came, however, you need to go to Guilin, where many legends were born. The legend for example, the legend which tells that heaven elephant falling down to earth and falls in love with the beauty of this place. They are reluctant to return to heaven, so cursed a hill which is now the symbol of Guilin city, elephant trunk hill, with superb views.

Meanwhile, about 45 minutes from Guilin, tourists will be served all the more interesting, when your face is reflected in the hills and the Li River in Yangshuo Town.

No less interesting is Shangrila Yangshuo, here anyone can see the indigenous tribes from all corners of the eyes of chinese wind, do not forget to enter the culinary and shopping experiences cheap in Guang Xi, before deciding to go home.

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