Friday, November 4, 2011

VARIOUS | Guangxi

executive summary by darmansjah

Enjoying capcay, Hainam rice, or a tasteful delicious Peking duck is not a thing that is difficult to find in China, especially Nanning, Guangxi. For people who are accustomed to eating Chinese food Indonesian-style, cuisine in Nanning do tend to be more readily accepted when compared with the tongue in Shanghai cuisine.
Although easily found a good meal in Nanning, it would be an extraordinary thing when you can meet a variety of snacks from Asia in a place with a flavor that is also delicious.

Proximate to show that China-Asean Expo Nanning city is an annual event, usually held at the Asian Food Festival also Yongzhou Lao Jie, Nanning Guangxi.

In this Asian food festival, variety of foods you can find, Ranging from snacks such as cakes from Thailand is legendary enough to snack out rotten said to be the favorite food of Mao Tse Tung. Although the smell is very foul, know a valuable RMB 10 (about IDR 13 600) for a package containing 10 of this well-liked local communities.

In addition, the cuttlefish is also a favorite of visitors. Merchants sold in unique ways-baked cuttlefish by dancing to the rhythm of disco music-stand cuttlefish from Japan has a long queue. Understand it, but it was delicious, the price was fairly cheap for large-sized cuttlefish, just RMB 10 for one package contains four pieces of cuttlefish.

But of all the food festival participants, the most attention is the stand that sells crocodile satay. Visitors stand in Thailand is arguably just as many booths Japanese cuttlefish. To sate jumbo (consisting of 7 pieces of meat with long skewers about 25 cm) which hargany pegged around RMB 5 for each piece, it's quite affordable.

But if you just want to enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy a snack, try moci Korean origin with diverse content, ranging from sesame, chocolate, vanilla, until the peanuts. For a snack that was quite unique, try the fried durian. If curious about the taste, while the 8th CAEXPO held in Nanning next year, a time to myself to visit him.

But once again prepare and plan ahead so that all goes well and good with detail planning a vacation in your financial agenda. More detail is better, later affairs absent or not, we had anticipated. Congratulations on vacation. [HDG]

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