Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Family Vacation Spots in the end of the year

By darmansjah

Vacationing at the end of the year became one of the so awaited moment, whether it's for leisure, contemplate, or just freshen up. Choice of destinations is also very diversity, which all can be selected according to their money and time available.

Entering the new year for many people life is like opening a new sheet. Planning prepared and stocked expectations. Not surprisingly, many moments that make the new year as an opportunity to contemplate, but it's a milestone for ceremony and start something new. Therefore, it is natural that people want to pass the second turn of the year with a special.

For those who do not have a long time, indeed vacation options become more limited. However, that does not mean the transition can not make New Year's night was special. Looking for a place of entertainment in the city or go to destinations that can be reached in a short time an option that can be traced. For the citizens of Jakarta, for example, if you do not leave the restaurant or coffee, can also go to Bali can be completed in about 1.5 hours by air.

Not only can party and cheer all night long, here too one can enjoy the other attractions that offer a quiet, beautiful nature, or a variety of culinary delights. Not only from within the country, Bali also becomes an increasingly attractive destination and destination by foreign tourists.

AirAsia said that Bali is one place that 'high demand', much in demand by the passengers, as well as Singapore. The similarity of the two places are close proximity as a tourist destination. Bali and Singapore are the proverbial 'one stop shop' which could accommodate various needs, ranging from business to leisure.


Besides Bali, Singapore became an attractive destination in the eyes of tourists Indonesia, especially at the end of the year. Not Just for the sake of shopping and culinary affairs, this island country also offers a number of tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by all family members.


Sentosa Island, for example, where the former small fishing village has now become an exciting playground, including Universal Studios is now a new icon for Singapore's new tourism. Or, to Little India are often targeted by those who favor ethnic goods, with a variety of accessories and clothing typical of India that can be obtained at affordable prices.

Singapore promises the culinary world was a pleasant experience through cuisine, such as Hainanese chicken rice, laksa, carrot cake typical of Singapore, as well as the typical black pepper crab in Singapore.

Singapore and Bali are very eagerly, for each flight filled an average of 80%, which AirAsia provide for the route from Jakarta to Bali and Jakarta-Singapore each of six flights per day, and may be added, at the high seasons.

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