Monday, November 14, 2011

City To Go

New York, USA
executive summary by darmansjah
Why Go Now
Despite being hit by winter, city ​​of a thousand skyscrapers is still interesting to visit. A variety of interesting events such as the New York Times Arts & Leisure Weekend (6-9 January) or visit the many interesting little cafe will be an unforgettable experience with your partner.

Romantic Stay
More than a legendary hotel, The Carlyle is also an expression of Art Deco beauty of art that is classic and timeless. Admired, livable, and was named the preferred home by world leaders, celebrities and many New Yorkers, the hotel is located on the Upper East Side Manhattan is bringing a variety of things best of the best. Each room is decorated in classic style adapted from Louis XVI with a touch of detail to the lamp, porcelain va a specially designed bed linen from Yves Dellome and the bathroom floor of marble selected

The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel, Madison Avenue at 76th Street New York Tel. +21 2 744 1600,

Romantic Dining
NY In the midst of a cold weather like winter wonderland, new york best enjoyed in the company of dancing flames in the fireplace, and the soft light of lamps hanging from dazzling majestic sweep your lover's face, accompanied with the sound of clinking piano, there is no moment more memorable when compared with the restaurant One if by Land, Two If by Sea. In addition to the elegant atmosphere and classic, a menu with the freshest ingredients are selected and prepared under the leadership of Chef  Hopson.

One if by Land, Two if by Sea, 17 Barrow St., New York nr. Seventh Ave. South Tel. +21 2 255 8649 or

What To Do
Besides enjoying the variety of interesting performances on Broadway, you can go ice skating together in Central Park or visit the many museums in this city. For fans of romantic movies, enjoy a delicious desert in Serendipity3 Frozen Hot Chocolate or visit The Russian Tea Room, where Madonna had been a waiter, will complement your romantic days.

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