Sunday, November 27, 2011

Your Journey | Mediterranean

Exclaimed the Final Year in the Mediterranean Region

By Darmansjah

Carve a beautiful experience in the end of this year with activities and unusual atmosphere will make a stunning impression and unforgettable. Visiting the Mediterranean region will provide a source of fantasy, imagination, fun and entertainment during yours holiday season.

One of them is Dubai. A city that was once barren desert, now by the government administration in Condition Dubai becomes a beautiful and modern city in its time and be a tourist destination and hedonism in the Mediterranean region. Formerly the city of Dubai is only a wilderness make it places where Muslims live, and yet there is a skyscraper buildings, but has now turned into a very magnificent city at this time.

Places of interest in the Desert Safari not to be missed. You will be adventuring in the desert is barren while driving a jeep on sand and with riding modes of transport which have existed for hundreds of years ago, namely camels. Furthermore, do not forget to visit the Dubai Museum. A variety of unique dioramas, weapons, tools, costumes in an old fort, and other archaeological findings here and of course there are also shades of Islam and not be separated from the influence of the Arabic empire also exist here. There's more attractions, such as the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, The Sheikh Saeed's House, and the Jumeirah Mosque which is the largest mosque and beautiful throughout Dubai, and should you worship this place while saying greatness and abundance that God gave to his people.

Surrendered on the way to the region of Persia, went to Turkey, which is the area known as the Eurasian transcontinental country, ie countries that have a limit of many stunning natural scenery and extraordinary, and a place to stay and dine incredible expensive!

City must be visited in Turkey is Istanbul. Here, you can visit the Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, and Topkaki Palace. In addition, you will feel the pleasure yacht Bosphorus Cruise to see the natural and cultural attractions. In addition, the more unique again in the City of Troy, and can also stop at the Cotton Castle. Here, you can see the sights of two types namely continental Europe are collapse and Asian continents who are tackling the disaster, all these turmoil together gives the impression that is so thrilling.

Turning then, to Egypt to be the next target, although Egypt is currently being ravaged by the demonstration of its population and increasingly anarchic violence, and terrible, but there are attractions that can be targeted. Here there is an interesting tourist attraction, call it Shades of River Nile, namely with participate in the Nile Dinner Cruise.

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