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Trip Guide Buenos Aires

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Indonesian citizens require a valid passport and visa to enter Argentina. The time difference Buenos Aries ten hours later than the West Indonesia Time. Argentine Peso currency. Phone to make calls to Buenos Aires from Indonesia, press the international access code, eighth state (054), and the city code (011) 

Blending a 19th-century zeitgeist with a 21st-century dynamism, Buenos Aires serves up a colorful urbanity, including innovative retail and restaurant venues along Calle Florida.

Casa SaltShaker:
El Federal Carlos Calvo 599: 4300-4313
El Trapihce Paraguay 5099; 4772-5793
Heladeria Cadore:
He Cupertina Cabrera 5300: 4777-3711
Mercado del Progresso:
Meridiano 58  jorge Luis Borges 1689: 4833-3443
Urondo Bar:

Regal in size, operatic in feeling, the ornate Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid draws in bookstore patrons as much for its setting in a 1920s theater as for its shelves of books.

Calzados Correa:
Hermanos Estebecorena:
Liberia El Ateneo Grand Splended 1860 Avenida Santa Fe; 4813-6052
Sopa de Principe:

All sculptural drama and soaring lines, Puente de la Mujer—Bridge of the Woman—designed by award-winning Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, seems to take flight from the Puerto Madero neighborhood in eastern Buenos Aires.

Interesting Places
Cafe Tortoni:
Caminito Corner de Magallanes and Del Valle Iberlucea Street, la Boca.
Gementerio de la Recoleta 1790 Junin
Coleccion de Arte Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat:
Feria de San Pedro Telmo:
Fundacion Proa:
Museo de Arte de Buenos Aires Lationoamericano: / web / home.php
Palacio Paz:
Plaza del Congreso Montserrat, Ciudad Autónoma
General Plazza San Marin surrounded by Maipu, Avenida de Liebertador, Santa Fe, Florida.
Puente de la Mujer Basin 3, Puerto Madero.

Serving Buenos Aires since 1850, the convivial café La Biela has been a gathering place for such luminaries as Formula 1 racing star Emerson Fittipaldi and writer Jorge Luis Borges.

1555 Malabia House:
Algodon Mansion;

Gurda Tango Boutique Hotel;
Home Buenos Aires:
Mansion Dandi Royal:
Miravida soho:
Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires:


Telmotango Hostel Suites:

Traditional Argentine fare is served with red wine and fresh flair at acclaimed Urondo Bar.-

Enchantment of the night
Club Atletico Fernandes Fierro:
Crobar Paseo de la Infanta:
Esquina Homero Manzi:
Makena Canina Club:
Roxy Live Bar:
Soul Cafe 246 Baez; 4778-3115
Unico Bar Honduras 5604, Palermo zone; 4775-6693

It takes two to tango—and a crowd to mark the occasion—at the popular Sunday antiques market in the San Telmo neighborhood, considered the birthplace of Buenos Aires's iconic dance.

Understand the mindset of Argentina with Borges: Collected Fictions works of renowned Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, one of the books with a background locations in South America in the Ultimate Travel Library: / travel-books / central-and-south-america -text / 2.

Patrons enjoy an al fresco meal at La Biela, a landmark that was designated a "place of cultural interest" by the city of Buenos Aires in 1999.

Enjoy the photo gallery dance tango in Buenos Aries with looking at this site:

A crescendo of vivid colors marks the Caminito neighborhood, a former slum area transformed into an arts-and-shops attraction

Grown rich on the beef farmed in the surrounding Pampas countryside, Buenos Aires still honors the gauchos, who rode the vast ranges at such annual festivals as the Feria de Matadores.
For a complete guide in Buenos Aires can be viewed within the site: / travel / city-guides / buenos-aires-argentina /

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