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Vacationing in Villefrance-de-Rouergue

Vacationing in Villefrance-de-Rouergu

Naration by David executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Southern Aveyron region not too far from the Hérault region in which we live. For example, Millau in southern Aveyron region only about 100 km from Montpellier town we live. And in the town of Millau, the grandfather and grandmother lived there my husband, who is now famous for the highest motorway bridge with a panoramic valley of the Tarn. So usually our best when there is time to come visit him.

But in addition to the bridge which has become a byword and a place for tourism, the city of Millau itself is not very attractive as a tourist town. Because it is usually when we visit the Aveyron region, past the Millau bridge is a part of your tour.

Ayeyron area which I will tell you this time is in the northern hemisphere. Areas that previously had never come into my ear. My story and David, my husband wants to spend time in quiet for 3 days. Far from the hustle and nearby natural wonders. But also not too far from where we live. After the enormous buzz on the internet finally came out beautiful city with photographs that made us both instantly fell in love. The area is rich with medieval cities, valleys and mountains, castles royal heritage and tradition of delicious cuisine. All is well suited for us who are happy with everything about antique, ancient, rich in history and certainly a good meal.

Villefrance-de-Rouergue, Najac and Figeac, three cities that is the choice we were on vacation for three days alone, it was counted as a honeymoon anymore ....

What about lodging? In every town there are several hotels which are very adequate. But we were always trying to avoid the hotel if possible. Chambre d'hotes more fit for us. But in France, chambres d'hotes more interesting. Usually the residence that is used is an ancient building, antique or castle.

There was also a large barn for cattle or ancient relics waterwheel building, renovated to become beautiful and very comfortable. Chambres d'hotes We chose the town between the city Villefrance Sanvensa-de-Rouergue and Najac. Lodging was formerly a cattle farm with a house that was renovated by the owner. One of the other advantages of the chambre d'hotes is the owner himself who care stay guests. Because the rooms are available usually are not allowed more than 5 rooms. For example, for breakfast or if there are facilities for lunch and dinner the owner who will cook for us. We were both really happy uncover the story of the places we visit are friendly, not like the hotel, with a stretched paper brochures and hotel employees explain in outline only.

I often visited the old town in some areas of France. But most are crowded with tourists. In Villefrance-de-Rouergue is new this time I can enjoy every building, one by one. Record on the camera, never stopped chuckled amazed to see every detail of the paintings and sculptures are found in every ancient building.

Antique wood as pole building still in use. I do not know how much wealth will teresap history in the pores of wood that looked so old. Here the medieval buildings is strictly maintained. No wonder that this city dubbed as the city of art and history.

Formerly in this city there is no church and does not constitute an important city. Then in 1252 the city started to bear the name Villefrance-de-Rouergue and the start of the awakening several important buildings for urban dwellers.

This medieval town is worth visited for those who like history. The atmosphere of the local market every day, commercial places are still in the ancient building. Chartreuse Saint-Sauver, places of worship and the clergy residence built in in 1451. The building which is the architecture gothique has a hall which was decorated by charming carved pillars.

Amazed by a dwelling that is so small but oppressed by towering buildings. And in every building that city, still inhabited by its original inhabitants. Unlike most other antique city that turned into a tourist place.

Unfortunately it when we come rain soaked city. But nothing prevents us to scour the rocky road along the old city. One other thing that pleases us is that there are some boutique breads and cakes that have retained characteristics of the building. The town is divided by a bridge like this, known by the local cuisine of the many uses duck, dried pork and beef. Cooked with seasonal mushrooms. In this city, there are several boutiques that sell local products, one product of the duck. The famous course foies gras, the duck liver and duck confit, duck preserved in salt and fat. Usually sold in cans and cooked by frying or burning. It was tasty and crunchy, like a duck bali.

I have noticed, people here are very friendly. They are very open, and will be happy to answer also explained the questions we ask.

That night my husband and I enjoy dinner at our inn. But we chose to eat dessert in town Villefrance which is only 15 minutes from the chambre d'hotes us. After the last coffee in a cafe because the more air chills my husband and I choose to enjoy a night with cinematic. Again the friendliness of local inhabitants perched on us. When we jokingly asked for the price of cinema tickets with students, turned out to cinema staff are happy to offer a discount to us.

After the film as it exits the cinema we were surprised with a grain of newly fallen snow. Seeing the first snow fell in December in this city. Due to our inn located 14 km from the city Villefrance located in mountainous areas. Bismillah said we hope there is no obstruction in the course. Frankly along the dark street I saw a lot of stress increasingly heavy snowfall and the roads more slippery. Driving on slippery roads winding and certainly not easy. And the landlord seems to follow worry about us. That night from our bedroom window looks increasingly heavy snows replace rain all day.


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