Sunday, November 20, 2011

Budget Travel

How to Plan A Budget Travel
By Ika Norvegia, executive summary by darmansjah

Hobbies traveling may be a hobby most hits mentioned many people. In fact, not everyone who mentions traveling hobby, really traveling. Or it could be already actually traveling, but wait if there happens to be a plane ticket promo. If you are a traveling enthusiast, tips and tricks that follow will help in the budget plan for an economical way, so that your dreams can come true soon! Traveling equal fun, therefore planning a budget for it Should also be fun!

Determine Priorities And Older Travel Destinations
Make a priority list of destinations from the destination of your dreams. I am sure, you will definitely be lulled by the many wonderful places to visit. Consult with a fellow traveler or an online travel community can help determine priorities. They can recommend a place that is really worth a visit, to give a new experience in your travels this time. The more points you want to visit for a limited time, the greater the cost of transportation, accommodation and other expenses. It would be better if you are not too many relocates. Make sure the number of days off or vacation that will be used. If you have a long enough time, try to stay at least 3 nights in a city to truly experience the culture and atmosphere that has gained the impression that would be more imprint.

Determine the purpose of Traveling
For me, the purpose of traveling is to taste the culinary uniqueness in various places that I visited. Food became a characteristic and provide experience and own story of a place. But unfortunately the food is often quite expensive. To get around this, I give comfort accommodations and transportation. I am willing to stay in a hostel dorm room shared with another traveler 5 people even seek a free ride or walk everywhere so I can try a pot of mussels in a garlic white wine sauce costs 25 euros in a seafood restaurant on the Rue des Bouchers, on the north Grand Palace, Brussels, Belgium. Similarly, for lovers of history and art, it is definitely going to allocate costs more for tickets of museums and performing arts or concerts. For this you can look at the website to find discounted tickets. Some of the major museums in Europe like the Louvre in Paris usually give big discounts on certain days and hours for the visitors. Enjoy the beauty of nature, or try an extreme challenge in many countries could also be an attractive travel destination. Well, define the purpose of traveling to facilitate priority allocation of funds obtained will be more imprint.

 Determine the Mode of Transport Economics
Transportation costs are the greatest in the travel budget. The proportions achieving 1 / 3 even half of the total budget. Taking the example of my trip traveling around Europe, the budget will be much more effective and cheaper when combining hi-speed train with budget airlines. Start to visit the website budget airlines routes that reach your goals regularly, because the promo interesting is often announced at times unexpected (Budget European Airlines: Easyjet, Vueling Airlines, Ryan Air). Do not forget to check the budget airlines airport landing place, because its position is sometimes far from downtown, so there will be additional transportation costs. Some interesting sites like can also help you compare various airline ticket prices and combine several flights as needed. The cost of the cheapest tickets for long trips are usually obtained from a long transit time and the number of connecting flights. This method is quite time consuming and energy.

 grandpalace brussel

Another economical way is with a combination of other modes of transportation such as railways and buses. You can consider the itinerary the night with a night bus or sleeper trans (this way the more popular routes in Indo-China) so you save on accommodation costs. As per my experience with around Europe for 70 days, integrating transportation modes really help me reduce travel costs. During the 2 months of preparation, I access the network rail map information, departures, up ticket prices, from official website Eurail ( or directly come to the Eurail office in Jakarta. Representative they are very friendly and helped me in preparing schedules and economical route.

If you plan to tour Asia, which borders several countries, eg in Southeast Asia, also has been a while popularizing the inter-State transportation routes with bus and rail networks. The train also started an advanced Transiberia attractive alternative for travelers who want to explore the Asia-Russia via landline. There are several sources of online information about transportation and the cheap route, fast and reliable for various countries in the world. For example www.seat61.comFor transportation within the city, especially in countries in Europe, avoid taxis and maximize the use of the subway (metro or subway) and bus network. They offer multi-trip tickets or unlimited for 3 to 7 days a cheaper usually combines subway and bus.

Determine Economical Accommodations
Accommodation planning is very important to do. My experience of planning a place to live during the European tour helped me cut the budget accommodation. Contacting old friends who live abroad and are also open lines of networking with fellow travelers or backpackers is very useful. Examples of online backpackers net world that is often a reference is usually , and fellow members will open their homes free of charge to the traveler who want to stop in their town. Not only that, sometimes they even offered to guide our journey. Imagine the extra chance through the exchange of knowledge about local culture obtained directly from the host during our visit and ride a few days.

Another alternative is to economical accommodations, as hostels where you will share dormitory rooms with 4-8 bunk beds travelers with format. Hostel Dorms will provide an opportunity to meet with traveler from around the world. Once, when visiting the city of Florence in Italy, I decided to choose the mix bed dormitory rooms (mixed) which is cheaper almost 5 euros per night compared with women's dormitory. It turned out that the experience