Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fredericksburg Downtown,Virgina, USA

Text by Sjarifuddin Josuf, 

Executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Fredericksburg, Virginia City Hall

Fredericksburg, Virginia as an independent city state, located 79 miles south of Washington DC, and 93 miles north of the city Richmon.Pada 2000 census, the city with a population of 19,279 souls, most residents travel using private cars, then buses, and train to Richmond, Fairfax, Prince William County, and Arlington.  Because of located somewhat to the north, it has long been debated, whether to Fredericksburg, go to the north or not.

Center of the city of Fredericksburg, there are about 350 ancient buildings from the 18th and 19th centuries, where visitors can shop to restaurant & boutique is spread over four blocks of "antique row" near this town river. In center meeting place of two poles, between modern life, such as tour , wine, dinner, and shopping with the background of the antique charm of American history. Visitors are offered a unique shopping experience with antiques hidden in antique shops, home furnishings and accessories for home furnishings at low prices. Similarly, the jewels were a variety of forms.

I think we go back to past era when walking in place which was once traversed by U.S. President (George Washington, James Madison and James Monroe). Also, visitors can ride the train to get around the city accompanied by the guide telling the history of this city.

A variety of cuisines can also be encountered here, ranging from American cuisine, Italian, Mexican, and Asian cuisine Yunani.Untuk did not miss. If tired, visitors can rest and drink casually blamed one row along the sidewalk cafe.

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