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Worship HAJI

Worship HAJI

Arafat Soekarno-Green Tree (Agus Mulyadi, from Mecca) executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Not Padang Arafah, Arafat Park proper, "said a friend, commenting on the current condition of Padang Arafah, even in years.

Padang Arafah which is located more than 20 kilometers from the center of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is no longer a barren desert, sandy, rocky. The area was already shaded by green trees. From Jabal Rahmah, verdant scenery visible in the region. Although there is only one kind of tree growing, green leaves at least refresh the eyes.

Padang Arafah  
When visiting Jabal Rahmah, the hill proof of love of Adam and Eve, which is located in the area of ​​Arafat, two weeks ago, no one else installed tent at Arafat. In fact, today millions of pilgrims from all over the world come to Arafat, waiting time wukuf which is the peak pilgrimage on Monday (15/11). Inside the tents that were installed to accommodate the entire congregation of that, Muslims and Muslimat who runs his own pilgrimage to wait wukuf.

Scorching hot desert air the Arabian Peninsula at least be reduced with the coolness of the trees that grow in Arafat. Padang Arafah, symbolization Masyar Padang, where a human court later.

Arafat the green condition , inseparable from the role and ideas of our great man, President Sukarno. The idea of ​​greening the Padang Arafah emerged as the first president of the Republic of Indonesia was wukuf during the pilgrimage in the early 1960's.

Observers forestry and environment, Transtoto Handadhari, in his article (Kompas, March 24, 2001), mentions, four feet tall tree up to six meters, which is now growing at Arafat is the type of tree Mindi (melia azedarah). This tree is in Saudi Arabia known as the "tree soekarno".

  the center of Mecca
Soekarno Planting trees in the desert area of ​​1250 hectares of it by the Government of Saudi Arabia is a form of appreciation for the idea of ​​greening the Bung Karno Padang Arafah. The government of Saudi Arabia invited the Indonesian forestry expert to run the program.

Transtoto mentioned, the selected tree species are Mindi brought from Indonesia. These trees survive in the desert. To support the growth of the tree, is also fertile soil brought from Indonesia and Thailand. For watering, underground water pipes installed, and every tree to get a water faucet itself.

The effort was fruitless. Since many years ago, Arafat area was already shaded by green trees. Preservation of the tree is expected to stay awake even though 3.5 million more pilgrims will come, either when waiting or when wukuf place. Dam aka enforce fines on the congregation, among them the grass even if repeal or break a twig. Dam of slaughter a goat will certainly alienate the congregation, for example, from broken branches or twigs of trees soekarno.

Thanks to the care and development by the Government of Saudi Arabia, currently soekarno tree not only grows in Arafat. In some cities, such as Medina and Mecca, this tree grew scattered across the city. In the area Syariq Mansyur, Mecca, for example, in a number of courtyards Mindi there are trees that grow over six feet.

On the main streets of the holy city, soekarno tree has even become a tree trimmer road. A few more years, those trees will certainly soothe the road users.

On Kuday Bus Terminal,  Mecca, was really too green, contrasting with the background, the rocky hill. Terminal Kampung Rambutan and Pulogadung, Jakarta, less green.

Good idea to bear fruit well, too.


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