Thursday, June 2, 2011

Japan Travel

When the sun began to go down

executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

THERE scenery that attract attention at night in Odaiba, Japan. Not Just a light forest of the city of Tokyo as seen from a distance, but also a spatial light Rainbow Bridge is so charming and become a magnet for every pair of eyes. At least that is felt by journalists from various mass media in Asia while attending one of a series of events Environmenttal Press Forum last December.

Rainbow Bridge is a bridge that connects the city of Tokyo to Odaiba that since a few decades ago was built as a business center, complete with office buildings, shopping centers, and restaurants that offer an inspiring range of culinary tastes.

Completed was built in 1993, the bridge is now one of the icons of Japan has a length of 570 meters is supported by two towers. By day, the bridge that all parts of this white berwaran interesting because it appears to complement the city of Tokyo which became the background (when viewed from Odaiba).

While at night, when the lights of the bridge is started, the Rainbow Bridge just really shows its charm. Colorful lights that adorned the pillars, bridges body, and the steel cable that ran into an unforgettable sight.

Moreover, the waters in a calm bay of Tokyo was able to reflect light and make the scenery more beautiful.

Photo enthusiast will certainly not forget to capture the view from the bridge. Imagine, on the north side can be seen with skyscrapers. While in the south offering views of the harbor that disandari several large ships. A beauty, cleanliness, and neatness of fruit every discipline of its citizens.

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