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Roman Romance

Roman Romance
By Jakar Setia executive summary by darmansjah godjali
Romulus probably never imagined the city which he founded in the year 753 BC This will be oneThe main purpose of young and old couples who are in love. Tinge of melancholy and romantic aura seemed to chime perfect in Rome, a city that had become the center of world civilization for more than a thousand years. TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com tells about his visit to various places iconic the Eternal City.

When opening a reference about the various romantic cities in various parts of the world, both print and online, the Romans always a part that will not be missed. The city seemed to have become part of the shadow of a place with atmosphere serene suitable for the purpose of his partner who want to making love. Interestingly, the etymology, the word 'romance' was closely associated with the town after through various development and meaning of both terms in English and France.

The atmosphere of Rome quite bright in the afternoon when I arrived in the city through Termini, one of the largest railway station in Europe which annually visited by more than one hundred million commuters and tourists. Having previously spent four a memorable day in Interlaken, a town between two lakes in the Alps region, now I was in one center of world civilization in the southern region of the world's smallest continent. On the way I had a stopover in Milan for a few hours to know the charm of one of the world's fashion capital. Now, I've got one world's most beautiful cities which became location shooting various romantic movies, ranging from 'Roman Holiday' starring Audrey Hepburn to 'Eat Pray Love' is phenomenal.

Image of the great
Rome has become doctrine even after hundreds of years ago. Once the largest city created the world in which western civilization, Rome is the center of the development of science, ranging from military to literature. The monumental all the glory of the past can still be witnessed in various parts of the city so you do not need become a historian or fan of the architect to be able to understand the passion that offered by the city because they are easily you can sense the greatness that had once been part of Rome only to come and experience it for yourself. Memory will glory of the past seemed to have fused with everyday citizens and romance have been together form a theatrical performance that is very interesting to observe. The impression is lasting forever, that is what I felt when for the first time, set foot into this city.

 Exit Termini Station, who on Sunday was full of Asian faces, I do not go directly to the hotel which has been booked. I chose to leave the bag in a laundry who receive care services are not far from the main door terminal. Passing through a variety of restaurants and lodging budget is full of tourists and backpackers from all over world, I sempatkan make a quick stop to fill the stomach at a kebab restaurant run by a family Middle Eastern descent. Do not be afraid, I did not order a piece of roast goat wrapped in a kind of skin dumpling rather buy a piece of pizza Margherita with a fairly large size and a can of diet Coke is refreshing.

Now it's time to visit the two most romantic places in Rome, "On Piazza Spagna 'and' Fontana at Trevi '. Both are located fairly close together so it can be reached only by foot. Armed with tickets costing giormaliero biglietto 4 euro is valid for one full day for all means of mass transportation, through Termini Metro station I use the subway to reach the station Spagna. Glittering atmosphere is quite dark, not bright as the subway station in Hong Kong or Singapore, the commuters mingle with foreign tourists who seem to have the same goal. Not for a while, just passing around the two stations, the train finally arrived at the destination station.

What makes the Piazza Spagna in romantic and become one of the landmarks in the city this museum? slightly different from the piazza, other piazzas in Rome, in addition to consisting of a large field with a small fountain in the middle Bernini, the place is famous for the Spanish Steps, a staircase that connects the piazza with the church Trinita dei Monti is located on top of a hill. There are about 140 graceful staircase, and flanked by two identical buildings. These stairs facing the Via Condotti, a street known as the fifth avenue of his Rome. On the right side there is Keats-Shelley Memorial House, a small museum dedicated to the romantic British poetry John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelly. Not only the manuscripts and other relics of the two figures lieteratur that, in this museum can also be seen numerous works of other figures such as Lord Byron, Wordwath, to Oscar Wilde, the names are certainly familiar to fans of classical literature. That afternoon, a red Azalea flower arrangements that adorned the steps of a classical atmosphere ,sweetener staircase that was built by a diplomat from France. Among the many visitors who sat relaxing on the stairs, I saw some couples, young and old enjoying the sunny weather while holding hands. Each seemed not bothered by people who crowded passing seem even soluble in a serene atmosphere.

New first goal and I already can feel the romantic aura of this city owned. After taking some photos, browse the route by foot 'tourists' who are equipped with signposts  I also walk to  Fontana di Trevi. Due to including tourists area, both on the left and right of way I can find souvenir shops and small cafes are partially visible filled with tourists who are resting. After a moment stops to sample the first gelato in Italy and bought some souvenirs such as fridge magnets surrogate friends and sweatshirts for dad I return to continue the journey while careful with luggage all of my input into my favorite black bag Postman. This city is famous for the hands of ignorant, so you should be very careful about keeping valuables dala. Does not feel, after soluble in the old town charm that is still well maintained, I arrived at the pool most famous throughout the world.

Arriving at Fontana di Trevi, my mind drifted to a childhood moment when I saw aunt's photo album that works as a stewardess for one of the national airline. In one photograph, She posed with some fellow with a background of the beautiful fountain. Since then, visiting this place has become one of obsession and now, twenty years later, I stood in the same place. Spectacular is the right word to describe the beauty of this fountain. Situated on one side of the Palazzo Poli, at Fontana di Trevi is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome which has a long history even up to the BC. Massive size and detail that still can be enjoyed with the naked eye into treat for thousands of tourists a day and night are always packed the place. statue of Neptune the ruler of a giant-sized sea and flanked by two statues symbol of Abundance (adequacy) and Salubrity (Health) became the center of attraction. Besides pictures, many visitors who throw coins with his back to the pool. Legend says, if throwing a coin then you will return to Rome and if throwing a coin the second and third, romance will approach your life. They say, 'When in Rome', air-genre of romantic film, starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel took inspiration from this fountain. The amount of interest tourists to visit this place is evident from the number of coins scattered in the pond that could reach more than 3000 euros per day!

The next day I started the day pretty early. At 6:30 am, I've left the room for breakfast at a small cafe which is located not far from the hotel. In it appear several local residents and one police commenced activities in the morning by eating fresh pastry and espresso. Fragrant Italian coffee blends distinctive scent mingle with newly finished baked bread blended to form harmonies evoke taste. Breakfast in the morning like this is what I want to enjoy to start the day. I ordered a warm croissant with chocolate butter and a cup of espresso doppio worth 1.8 euros. Like other visitors, I have breakfast while standing beside a wooden table that resemble elongated bar. I was ready to continue the journey through another romantic side of this city.

"While stands the Coliseum, Rome shall stand, When falls the Coliseum, Rome shall fall; and  Rome falls-the world." So Lord Byron, poet and satirist British romantic era expressed his admiration towards the Colosseum, the icon Rome's biggest and a symbol of power of Caesar. Stood firm right in the middle of town, the stadium was built in the first century AD, it first can accommodate up to more than 80,000 people and is the largest amphitheater in the empire romans. The series of performances involving up to tens of thousands of exotic animals such as rhinos, elephants, and tigers combined with thousands of gladiators were deployed to create spectacular events that can last up to for weeks. After standing 2000 years old, the figure of this gigantic building has become part harmony of the city that can not be separated.

Romantic Rome again I felt when walking around the Coliseum on that bright morning. As far as the eye could see, many old buildings, whether intact or in ruins just a perfect background to capture the memories in the form of photographs. Ruins of the Forum Romanum which was once a center of government of the Roman Empire, Arch of Constantine and the 1700 year-old become a model of victory monuments like the Arch de Triomphe in Paris and Marble Arch in London, to the Palatine Hill which fully with archaeological heritage will make you amazed with grandeur of the city which according to history has ever written, was founded by Remus and Romulus. From the Coliseum area on foot along via dei Fori Imperiali toward Piazza Venezia, is one of the largest Piazaa in Rome.

As he walked slowly to enjoy the cool air, I was fascinated by the old city panorama that once the center of the world centuries ago. After seeing the elegant Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fontana which emit baroque architectural grandeur, style breakfast Roma population, to admire the architectural grandeur of the Coliseum and the Forum Romanum, now it's time to better enjoy the atmosphere of Roman life. One of the best places to enjoy the Piazza Navona, a big field with three fountains that you may know through the film "Angel & Demons", starring Tom Hanks. This is where locals mingle to enjoy all the best of life, either in the form of food and art. When arriving at this place in the afternoon seems some artists are busy painting various objects of beauty of Rome. Several other artists were busy perpetuating group teenagers who want immortalized in caricature form. Lined a small shop that sells souvenirs blend in with the gypsy fortune teller desk and mime artist, and flock of pigeons that became residents of the piazza is an advanced view of fun is not forgotten. Many coffes located on different sides of the field is also interesting to visit. Another one most notably the Tre Scalini with a delicious chocolate dessert. Other places such as Bernini's Cafe and Cafe di Columbia also offers a place to relax with views of the charming piazza. I spent a very pleasant evening in this place and do not forget, a caricature painting made of pencil shading becomes a special souvenir to take home.

Incomplete feels when visiting Rome without taking a moment to look at the splendor of St. Peter's Basilica. the next morning after breakfast at the Cafe the same time, I was rushed to the momentum of worship Roman Catholics who have their own government and led by the Pope who is also the supreme leader of Catholics around the world. morning that thousands of visitors already come and enjoy the majesty of a dense field of religious events bleak Christmas and Easter. I decided to not get into the museum because of long queues. Staring at the giant columns and dome of the basilica the great work of Donato Bramante was enough to make me amazed by the harmony between the size and detail are very beautiful. 140 saint statues that adorn the top of the Basilica add sacred atmosphere that surrounds this place.

Like the culture in other European countries, the picnic has become part of everyday life, and Rome has a place of interest that can be reached easily. Located adjacent to the Piazza del Popolo decorated with a menhir relics of the Egyptian king Ramses II, I had stopped at the Villa Borghese gardens open to the public. Among the trees that shade and the thick green grass, the townspeople could blend with nature in an area of ​​more than 70 hectares. Lunch is a simple sandwich accompanied by wine or just relaxing with your partner, this park will be the ideal location to escape for a moment from the hustle and bustle of Rome. If you also have time to spend time visited the Villa Borghese to see the artwork of the best Italian artists such as Titian, Raphael and Caravaggio.

There are many other interesting things with the romantic aura that I see on a visit to the city of a thousand church. Unique Pantheon, Piazza-small piazzas scattered all over town until the small alleys and cobbled streets pastel-colored buildings, all offering softness as well as the power of Rome as one of the world's most romantic city. Passion of beauty has become an obsession in the city even after thousands of years ago looked at various angles, either in the form of baroque buildings and details that seemed to be a complementary scarf obliged the women. Romance has been a breath of Rome and I will definitely go back again to set foot in the city this century.

10 things you can do romantic in Rome:

Viewing works of art the best artists in the Galeria Borghese Italy.
Picnic in the park Villa Borghese /
Painted in Piazza Navona
Tasting gelato at Gelateria del Teatro, pizza at da Pizzerie Baffetto and espresso at Tre Scanlini, all located on or near the Piazza Navona
Sitting on the steps of the Spanish Steps while enjoying the sunset.
Shopping for ingredients and cook typical Italian food.
Enjoying the Trevi Fontana in the morning or evening.
Along the Ponte Sisto across the River Tiber.
Giancolo uphill in the Trastevere area to enjoy Rome from a height.
Shopping  antiques at Porta Portese, Trastevere (open on Sundays only)

Thinsg Before You Go

How To Get There
Singapore Airlines ( serves flights to Rome via Singapore, while for the other options available Emirates (, the flight from Jakarta to Rome via Dubai.

You must have a visa if you want to travel to Italy. Schengen visa application can be made at the Italian Embassy. Visa must be submitted no later than 3 months to 15 days before your departure. For more information can contact  tel. +6221 31937445 or ambasciata.jakarta @

When To Go
Rome can be enjoyed throughout the year but we recommend the summer, should be avoided because of the many tourists who come visit. If you want the air that is not too hot and not too cold, spring (March and April) has a warmth that fits the pad during the day and light a very beautiful sunset.
Where To Stay
Babuino 181
Via del Babuino, 181, rome, Italy tel. +39 06 6992 1907 ( / Babuino)

St. Regis Grand Hotel
Via Vittorio E. Orlando, 3.Rome, Italy tel. + 39 06 47 091 ( or

Palazzo Sasso
Via San Giovanni del Toro 28 Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy tel. +39,089,818,181 ( or


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