Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rothenburg - City Christmas Throughout the Year

Executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Where do you plan to spend Christmas and New Year holiday this time? How to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in a medieval town far away in Germany? TravelGuide of will bring your visit to one of the most unique city in Europe.

Rothenburg is located in Bavaria - Germany, is a unique small town with its own charm, especially at Christmas before. Located approximately 2 hours from Munich to the north by riding the bus, the city is surrounded by thick walls is known to us as though the atmosphere is invited back to medieval times.

Narrow streets are made of gravel-covered stone structure for motor vehicle traffic (except for those with special permits), a row of buildings which still retain the traditional characteristics of Germany and the five-meter-high stone wall with several towers 'bird-eye' that in the future then used to keep the city from enemy attacks from outside. In addition, the city is also surrounded by a moat is also equipped with some of the gate like a fortress complex as depicted in the film The Lord of the Rings or Braveheart.

One of the main entrance to the city center known as Rodertor. From there, by foot you can see the row of shops selling souvenirs and Miscellaneous also have many kinds of Christmas ornaments. Along the way, too, hung colored lights on the front wall of almost all the buildings, while just above the entrance, there is a unique decoration - old iron craftship - made ​​of iron with golden metal accents are carved in such a way as to resemble various animals in the two-dimensional form where the edges are hung various other decorations such as signs, store name or the name of the restaurant and café.

Not only that, in most of the front door of the houses on average are made of wood, depending on the round-shaped ornament made
​​from the leaves of mistletoe is often referred to as kirstcranch. And at the window, seen a string of red-green color ribbon dangling between maple leaf fabric. Duh, really beautiful!

Rothenburg is very synonymous with Christmas. In this city there is Germany Christmas Museum in Herrngasse near Marktplatz, which is 'the square' of the city was founded in 1172. There is also a Doll and Toy Museum in Hofbronnengasse which collects more than 600 species of both original dolls from Germany and France and Switzerland since 200 years ago. In fact, in this small town, there are several stores selling various trinkets for Christmas which is open all year round.

One of the most popular is the Käthe Wohlfahrt in Herrngasse, shop with the most complete collection of Christmas trinkets, not only in Germany but all over the world!

Because of the uniqueness of that, no wonder the city has a population of less than 10,000 inhabitants are able to suck up more than 2 million foreign tourists each year.

In the city center which is located on a rectangular field, called Marktplatz, for Christmas, every year established a giant fir tree shining bright with Christmas lights winding and the other trappings that hung on the branches. While in the area around it, Christmas Market held from late November until a few days before Christmas, where there are hundreds of stalls of wood shaped mini houses sell many purposes for Christmas.

Just like a night market, the square of Rothenburg always crowded by visitors both day and night. This festive atmosphere supported by an existing Miscellaneous decoration on buildings in the surrounding areas such as building the City-Hall, Arts Building and the Church of St. Jacob's who dressed in such a way that it looks beautiful.

Interested, yes? Immediately prepare your suitcase! But keep in mind, if planning to travel to Europe in December, do not forget to bring sweaters to taste because the air temperature there can reach zero  degres C in the daytime.


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