Thursday, June 9, 2011

Searching For Mangrove Forest Shade

Mangrove Forest executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

You are a hobby once environmentalists streets, then it's not complete if you've never browse the tourist area of ? mangrove forest. The fresh air with mangrove plants awaits your arrival. Mangrove forests are mostly found in equatorial regions such as Indonesia. It turns out, Indonesia is one country with the world's largest mangrove area.

According to Bayu Ward, instigators of the Green Map of Jakarta, the mangrove is a transition area of ? and to the sea. This area is widely spread in coastal areas where large rivers empties. Usually in the area of ?mangrove forests will be found mangrove plants, Pidada, and other plants. In addition, this region is rich in wildlife.

Sadly, some areas of mangrove forests in Indonesia have been many who converted to shrimp farms or residential neighborhood. In fact, mangrove forests have many functions, ranging from the home of rare animals, to prevent natural disasters because it can hold the brunt of the waves or strong winds.

Fortunately, the mangrove eco-tourism has been developed in recent years. Mangrove forest tour to provide its own charm because it has certain unique characteristics. Besides enjoying the scenery and shade of mangrove forest, tourists can also learn about the life of the natural ecosystem directly.

"This area is suitable as educational tours because it is a transition between sea and land. Can be used for children up to adults while learning the importance of the brackish and the life that has gone in that ecosystem. mangrove area can not be found elsewhere," explained Bayu.

There are many tours of mangrove forests in Indonesia. Some places can be visited are:
Bali Mangrove Forest Tour


 mangrove trail bali

Bali's tourist area of mangrove is known as the Mangrove Information Center. When frequently to Bali, you certainly get used to travel from or to the airport. Well, you may often see mangrove plants that can be seen along Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai. Herein lies the mangrove tour. Mangrove forest is actually very broad, ranging from Sanur to Tanjung Benoa. You can search for this tourist area by walking on the trail of scattered wooden bridge in this area.

The atmosphere was so beautiful away from the noise and bustle of Kuta area although only a few kilometers away. In some places there are blank bale to sit while watching the wildlife and plant mangroves. Photography enthusiasts will surely endure for long in a high tower which is provided in this place. Besides can see the view from a height of mangrove areas, this place is perfect for bird watching activities or to see birds wildlife.
Wildlife of Muara Angke, Jakarta

The area of ??mangrove conversion is in the area of ??Penjaringan, North Jakarta. In this area, you can know better the mangrove ecosystem and learn how important the preservation of mangroves. There are a variety of typical mangrove plants in this place, such as mangroves, fires, Pidada, and 30 other plant species. Not to mention the collection of fauna, there are monkeys to various birds. Only, the public who wish to enter this area requires a permit from the Ministry of Forestry.

Apart from this place, in Jakarta there are Angke Kapok Nature Park which could be another option Jakarta residents. This park be developed as a resort. Tourist park with an area of ??99.82 hectares is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. In this area there are camping ground. So, you can camp. Imagine staying in the middle of nature are minutes away from the noise of the capital city. In addition, the manager also provides the facility birdwatching and nature lodge.

Mangrove Tour Anyar, Surabaya

Mangrove Tours is located in Mount Anyar and located in Surabaya, East Coast region. The journey to this forest from downtown Surabaya was pretty much with the field winding and narrow streets. However, it all paid off with the beauty of mangrove forests. On reaching, you will be greeted with a simple dock views. On the pier you can hire a fishing boat to explore the mangroves. On the boat, a guide ready to accompany you while explaining about the mangrove plants and wealth of wildlife in this forest.

The forest is also home to a monkey conservation. Therefore, occasionally you will see the figure of this animal. After circling over the river, visitors can then stroll over the wooden bridge in the middle of the forest. Tired of walking, you can relax in the gazebo over lunch. Take it easy, in this region there are few sellers of seafood specialties.

Newer Mangrove Tours is a new tourist attractions in Surabaya, inaugurated a new beginning of the year. Unfortunately, this place is only open on Saturdays and Sundays. However, if you come in groups, it could have come on another day, but need to order a day earlier.

In addition to mangrove tours in the areas mentioned above, there are also tours of mangrove areas in South Sulawesi Sinjai, Cikeong in Subang, Cilacap in Central Java, Bedul in Banyuwangi, Bintan Island in Riau Islands, and many other places scattered Indonesia. Unfortunately, some attractions are not well maintained and mangroves damaged, such as mangrove tours in Cikeong and Cilacap.
Not only in these areas, some tourist areas of mangrove in other places is not free from the meddling hand scribbling public facilities as well as littering. Therefore, when you travel into mangrove forests, remember to not leave anything except your footprints and do not take anything other than taking photos.


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