Monday, June 6, 2011

Sana'a City of 2500 Years of Age

 executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Sana'a capital of Yemen is one of the oldest inhabited city in the world that continues. Located at an altitude of 2200 m, it is also the highest capital city in the world.

Sunrise in Sana'a

According to biblical legend this city was built by Shem, son of Noah. The city was formerly named azal, from Uzal Qahtan child who is the great-grandfather of Shem. Sana'a itself means 'fortified with good'.

Walls of old town - Sana'a

Because of its location Sana'a became the center of town for the surrounding tribes and as the core of regional trade in southern Arabia. He lies were in the main trade route linking ancient Marib and the Red Sea.
Chapter El Yemen Gate

Ancient historian al Hamdani wrote that Arab fortress built by the Sabian Sana'a under the leadership of Sha'r Awtar who also built the Palace Ghumdan.


Old Mosque

The old city inside the fort was inhabited more than 2500 years and contains a wealth of architectural gems that are still intact. This section is declared a World Heritage City by the United Nations in 1986, including the Great Mosque samsarah and Jami al Kabir 1400 years old.

Small mall, Called Samsarh


 Sana'a's Great Mosque
Old door in Sana'a Al Jami al Kabir

Inside Al-Jami al Kabir

In this castle there are over 100 mosques, 12 hammam (baths) and 6.500 houses. Some shaped like ancient skyscrapers reaching several levels with flat roofs.
in the hammam


Jews already in Yemen since the days of King Solomon and the shape of the most historic Jewish diaspora. After Israel's founding about 49.000 Yemeni Jews moved to Israel, some 10,000 people from Sana'a. Now only about 70 Jews living in Sana'a.

Historic town and as old as this, it is reasonable to save the world's oldest piece of al quran. Although amazement quietly emerged, why not find in Mecca or Medina?


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