Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tourist Info | Two Continents

Alternative Vacation Interest From Two Continents
By Darmansjah Godjali

Holiday is a great time to travel. Because many people are targeted in these times, you should prepare from far-away days earlier.

Of the many attractive places and exotic world, not denied. European and Australia Continent are favorite destinations of tourists from Asia. The two continents it does have different characteristics. However, to attract business travelers, both are good.

Myriad Italian Enchantment

One of the country's most lots siphon attention tourists in Continental Europe is Italy. Hearing Italian name, of course, our thoughts will immediately drift into a restaurant with a special architectural styles, which are ready to invite the tongue danced with a dish of food and drink special. However, not stomach that will be spoiled when you visit the State of pizza. The eyes and hearts will also be lulled by a variety of tourist attractions, as well as exterior and interior of the building are amazing.

If you've ever watched the movie The Da Vinci Code or The Lost Hollywood, you probably already have a shadow of how beautiful the Italian capital, Rome, with buildings lined thick with nuances of religion and aesthetics. Not only beautiful, even mighty Rome, mainly because of the presence of the Colosseum, which, though now no longer intact, but still make the visitors shocked by pomp and  historicaly fame.

Rome was not the only beautiful city in Italy. Fiorentina, Venice, Pisa and the famous Tower of tilt is also one of the city that interests you, besides, of course, romantic Venice, where millions of couples from around the world intoxicated love above sweet gondola board.

"Not to forget, the City of Milan's trendy, which bears the title of world's fashion capital. Here, you can be satisfied shopping goods upmarket fashion, and took pictures in front of Milan Cathedral which is the third largest church in the world, "said GM Products and Pricing of TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com, which met in his office on Friday (3 / 5) ago.

Immortality Greek legend.

Apart from Italy, Greece also become favorite tourist attractions. Some people even call it a dream state. Perhaps it is unreasonable, given the long history of Greece, filled with the epic legends are eternal. Firmness Greek community in preserving its ancient beliefs and culture can be witnessed in the Greek capital, Athens, often called the City of the Thousand Gods.

If so far your family can only watch the stories of heroic Hercules from the glass screen, during a visit to Athens, they could see first hand and even took pictures in front of the temple dedicated to Zeus the father of Hercules, the god Zeus, which according to the beliefs of ancient Greek society, is a god ruler of the universe. You also can visit the Temple of the Parthenon that was built for the goddess Athena, the patron city of Athens, and the Temple of Poseidon, which was built for ruler of the sea, Gods Poisedon.

Not only roaming ancient temple, in Greece you can hunt keepsakes and taste dishes in the café-style Mediternia, precisely in the area of ​​Plaka, which is the oldest area in Athens. Still in the same city, you can visit the Olympic Stadium, where modern mining olimpiade held.

"As an alternative, you can also follow the Saronic Cruise program, which will take you to the three islands in the Aegean Sea, the island of Aegina, which is the largest island in the Saronic Archipelago, the island of Poros, and Hydra Island which offers a large selection of boutiques, shops and cafes .

the island of Aegina

the island of Poros
 Hydra Island

Of course, this will add a new color in your travel experience, "explains TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com.

Amazing New Zealand

if you prefer a tourist destination that was not too far away, New Zealand could be the right choice. Although relatively small in size, but the charm of New Zealand is so big. Natural beauty and unique flora and fauna that only a small part of a series of reasons that the State made the kiwi was so enthused tourists.

New Zealand is divided into two regions, namely the North Island and South Island. The first place you must visit in the north of the island is Mount Eden. From the top  mountain located about five miles from the center of town, you can see the beauty capital of New Zealand, Auckland, from every angle. You also can not miss a visit to Rainbow Springs State Park in Rotorua, home to kiwi birds, animals typical of New Zealand and Kiwi 360 in Te Puke. Here, you can enjoy the kiwi fruit and a variety of processed until satisfied.

 Mount Eden


Rainbow Springs State Park

Kiwi 360 in Te Puke

After exploring the north island, the variety exiting tour attractions awaiting for you in South Island. One of the main attractions of this island is the beauty of  Christchurch City. The first thing that will blaze in your mind when visiting the City Chrischurch is how beautiful fusion of strong cultural tradition with modern urban life in this city. The style of buildings in this city will remind you of the cities in the United Kingdom. Naturally, Christchurch was dubbed "the most English city outside the United Kingdom". Here, You can try the exciting experience gondola along the beautiful River Avon. Another unique experience will you get when driving a Tranz Alpine., looking at the beauty of New Zealand's south island, on the way to Franz Josef. There, other interesting attractions, Scenic Flight, still lie ahead.

Christchurch City
the beautiful River Avon

Tranz Alpine
  Scenic Flight

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