Friday, June 24, 2011

Tour Detailed Guide to New Zealand

Executive summary By Darmansjah Godjali

In 1979, a satirical writer from New Zealand - Tom Scott, wrote an article in the NZ Listener magazine with the headline: "Terrible tragedy in the South Seas. Three million people trapped alive. "If the language Indonesianising, about a title like this" tragedy of the Great South Sea: Three million people trapped alive! "
The article was written to satirize the presence of New Zealand is located at the southern tip of the hemisphere, which is a country that is relatively 'isolated' from the traffic roar of his world at that time inhabited by 3 million people.

In 2003 Kiwi Country population has increased to 4 million people, where the increase in population was caused by immigration from outside New Zealand. Deep pockets of immigrants came from all over the world to immerse its investment in various sectors.

However, population growth in the country consisting of two main large islands - North Island and South Island, can not beat the amount of livestock populations of sheep reached 44 million heads! It is re-written in an another article that discusses the dangers of hunger in the world, stated that residents in this country would be the last man who would be able to survive on earth without experiencing hunger not worry, because every population will have a 'rations' average average 11 lambs. Hehehe ....

The tourism sector in New Zealand grew by leaps and bounds thanks to the circulation of the film trilogy "Lord of the Rings" which was shooting with the natural setting of this beautiful New Zealand. Not only that, many films popular TV series such as "Xena - The Warrior Princess" also took the natural mountain setting of this amazing New Zealand.

Although including the land located at the ends of the earth, does not mean that this country lags far from modern civilization. In the midst of nature and fresh air and natural scenery is still beautiful, large cities in New Zealand has a modern shopping centers are open 7 days a week - things may not be found when we traveled to Europe - with different brands of boards upper-class world.

In terms of transportation facilities and infrastructure, the order system is also very neat and modern pamper the tourists who visit there. The motorway is roomy and smooth stretches from the northern tip of North Island to the southern tip of South Island; modern railway line following the departures are always on time and various international class airports - is an example of the seriousness of local governments working on the tourism sector of this country. Convenience of transport typical developed country you can feel here.

In terms of crime, the country is still relatively safer than other developed countries. This is again the main attraction for foreign tourists to visit and then .... fall in love.

No wonder, if some people from other parts of the earth are many who plan to spend time with his parents settled in New Zealand because of its natural beauty, even in winter, temperatures in the cluster of islands this country - especially in the South Island - can be quite extreme .

So do not wait any longer to see for yourself how beautiful New Zealand, although the country with the indigenous Maori people is not exactly as a cheap tourist destination. But do not worry, in TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com this, you will find instructions on how to complete your trip can be more efficient ...

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