Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mount Batukaru Bali

Back To Nature

Executive summary By Darmansjah

Bali was never stopped to give the sensation. There was always an exciting new place for exploration, whether it's on the beach, mountains, or cultural centers scattered throughout the island. As revealed by Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat Pary Love, Island resort does have a unique attraction that will provide peace once a new nuance in your life

One was hidden in a place that is rich with cultural heritage, where society is still firmly holding the tradition complete with beautiful natural scenery in the interior of Mount Batukaru

This place offers a different charm of Bali. To enjoy this beauty, Waka Land offers a trip off-road use the Land Rover with a capacity of six people was accompanied by an expert local guide and a driver. 

You will be taken through a special route that water may not be found if you travel alone. Along the road you will see the beautiful scenery that seemed endless, such as temples, ancient village, local animals and rice terraces. 

After a weary journey through the outback, you'll be taken to Wakalouka Camp and Restaurant, a unique resting place built on one of the slopes of Mount Batukaru. Like a surge, here you can enjoy delicious fine cuisine complete with wine and cognac, while releasing tired and forget yourself from boredom routines, interested?

Waka Land, Jl. Padang Kartika No. 5x, Padang Sambian, Kelod Denpasar, Tel +62361 42k6372 e.mail: wakalandcruise@hotmail.com


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