Friday, June 3, 2011

Holiday Guide In Australia

Holiday Guide In Australia


by Darmansjah Godjali

TOUR winter is always synonymous with the United States, Canada or European countries. However, you can actually taste enjoying winter tour in Australia. Moreover, Australia's winter season coincides with school holidays, which is around June-August. Do not believe it, please try to stop in Sydney, Gold Coast,and Melbourne.

 gold coast

In winter, there is Melbourne, there is Mount Buller. Mount Buller is a tourist attraction in Melbourne is presenting a panorama snow. At Mount Buller, you can try your skiing ability. Gliding with a long flat board in a snowy mountainous area realy fun. When chilled bones, the guts were being challenged. Trip to MountBuller is presenting a different experience.

mount buller

Especially if you take a special package of Dwidaya Tour and can access to the PIC because we are indeed living in Melbourne, you can climb sought lifting on at Mount Buller. So, not only to ski, surf ski, take pictures, or make a snowman, you can see Mount Bullerfrom a height with chair lifts.


Not satisfied with Mount Buller, you can visit the Gold Coast. On the Gold Coast, you can visit the Movie World and Dream World. two major ones in Australia's tourism brings in games or popular places in Australia are certainly exciting, some are even trigger the adrenaline like a roller coaster.

  Dream World in Sydney
Movie World in Sydnyey

At Movie World, you can see up close film making techniques behind the scenes are stunning. There is also a Hollywood Stunt Drive. This performance is all called the Police Academy Show.

Here you can watch a direct substitute for the expertise of the players in front of you with an amazing skill and technique.

Meanwhile in the Dream World, you can enjoy a variety of amusement rides, such as the Tower of Terror, Giant Drop, or Water Slide. You also can see the unique Australian fauna such as koalas and kangaroos up close.


Another with an adventure tour in Sydney. Dwidaya Tour with access TravlerGuidance.Blogspot.Com provide diverse tour that presents a different experience, namely having dinner at Sydney Tower. Here you can enjoy dinner at a restaurant located in the tower building.


Uniquely, the restaurant could rotate 360 degrees. So, in addition to enjoying the cuisine and delicious dishes your dinner, while watching the beauty of the City of Sydney in the evening or sipping wine enjoyment of the beauty of a city at night through 360-degree spin sensation slowly. Whenever there are more exciting tours like this? Is not time left in the maze of your life is a treasure worth a moment while we can sample the beauty of the world in the other hemisphere?

 flinders street station melbourne


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