Thursday, June 30, 2011

Down elegance Ambulabung

For nature lovers who like to be a challenge, an area in East Kutai Sangkuriang certainly familiar. This area is a karst area with a lot of natural caves are beautiful and interesting to explore.

One of the well-known is the Cave Ambulabung. Arguably, Cave Ambulabung was still very natural and untouched by human hands. So far that is often visited the region just a bird's nest seekers flock wallet and lizards.

In fact, there are stories circulating in the community that is htempat bertandangnya Ambulabung Cave snakes. However, many also argue that it is actually not a snake who visit or stay there, but the occasional lizard to bask in the mouth of the cave.

For nature lovers who often perform a search of the cave, Cave Ambulabung did provide its own challenges. No wonder the adventure of a single object is always capable of triggering and satisfy the desires adventure in the wild. I was so natural, not infrequently these caves used as research objects.

The situation is still a natural cave that is what makes the explore requires proper preparation and tools that support. This is of course necessary to anticipate things that are not desirable.

Almost every trail in Cave Ambulabung give the sensation of adventure that can not be unsaid. Even the journey to the Cave Ambulabung also provides its own sensation. Understandably, access to the location was not exactly easy. You also have to keep changing vehicles and also walking in the distance. Walkways, lush forests, rivers, and marshes are a few obstacles must be overcome to reach the Cave Ambulabung.

To enter the mouth of the cave and still have to pass through stream and large space that can not be achieved easily. That is why preparations should be carefully set.

If you claim a true adventurer, it's time to make the traverse to the Cave Ambulabung.
Tourism is not just out of the saturated activity routines. Visit a place and get to know the way, then it would be an excellent tour of the world expand, it became a mediums to reach friends and relatives, also acquired luxury experience

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