Sunday, June 12, 2011


Come to the City of Santa

You better watch out! Better not cry! Better not pout! I'm telling you why, Santa Claus is comin 'to town.

This song is floated upon entering the month of December. Moment for Christmas, which is identical with the presence of Santa Claus. Friendly face behind the white beard and thick it seemed always to smile, while occasionally shouting, "Ho, ho, ho!"

His figure may be only a legend and myths that continue to be cultivated. But his presence was always managed to create a cheerful spirit of Christmas, making Christmas a long warm nights, making it always be remembered and anticipated.

Clearly, each State has its own traditions about the figure of this white beard. Finland, claimed as the State of origin. Precisely in Rovanniemi, directly adjacent to the north pole. If all this had never visited Sinterkelas, why do not we just a visit?

Christmas with Santa Claus.

Executive summary by Darmansjah Godjali

Rovaniemi has a Santa Claus Village, which became the main attractions. Christmas atmosphere was so beautiful, especially with snow that make Christmas dreams come true in the snow.

Even Santa Claus Rovaniemi has an office as the place to entertain the kids activities from around the world, such as the reply to the letter and send Christmas gifts through the post office that receives and sends a reply letter from Santa.

Hotel Kakslauttanen log cabin

Indeed. You can send letters to friends and relatives in the country that will be a special gift for them. The reason, each stamped letter from Santa Claus Village.

As another marker that you have visited the home of Santa Claus is to set foot in Arctis Circle, the North pole latitude lines. Once passed, you will get a certificate as evidence have been through it and can be proud to take home.

No less exciting is the Husky Dog Farm to see where the breeding of the Siberian Husky dog. Here could taste the Dog Sledge Ride, ride the train drawn by a special dog in snowy areas. The body will be warmed by the rising because of adrenaline.

Or, try Riding Reindeer Sledge, wooden cart drawn by a group of deer. So, now no longer just look at it from a picture or movie, or slide photos on the Internet. Vehicle typical Santa Claus to distribute gifts to share even this can be felt immediately. Precisely in Saarselka, where breeding of deer.

Next is visited a village all-round ice in the Igloo Village Kakslauttanen. The village is famous for its houses and buildings made ??of ice. But not only that, there are also Ice Hotel is made ??of ice. Ice Pool, the ice hole to swim, and the Ice Bar which can be part of the most memorable experiences.

the Igloo Village Kakslauttanen


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