Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kalasan Shrine, the Oldest Buddhism Temple

Executive summary by Darmansjah godjali
For lovers of archaeological tourism, heritage this one to be missed when visiting Yogyakarta. Kalasan, never heard the name of this temple?. For those who have not been there it would not hurt to spend a little time to visit this temple. Kalasan temple are near the highway, 50 m south of the road Jogja-Solo. If from Jogja want to Prambanan temple or Solo Kalasan will pass, the road will seem part of the temple. Admission price is not only expensive, usd 0.2 Close to highway and entrance tickets cheap so nothing to lose visiting this shrine. Although not as large or Brobudur Prambanan temple, still interesting to visit because it has its own uniqueness.

Kalasan shrine located in Kali Bening, Tirtomantani Village, District Kalasan, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta, 50 M south of Yogyakarta-Solo road. Kalasan temple is the oldest Buddhist temple in Jogjakarta and Central Java which was founded in Saka 777 or 778 AD by the Rakai Panangkaran of Sanjaya dynasty. Kalasan shrine established for the worship of the Buddhist goddess Tara. The temple is not used by the family of Sanjaya because they embraced the Hindu religion. Rakai Panangkaran founded this temple because of persuasion by a Buddhist teacher. This temple shows the harmony among Hindus and Buddhists at that time.
With age, Kalasan temple buildings are no longer intact. Some parts have been damaged and the top of the temple should be a large bell-shaped stupa is also absent. Restoration was carried out in 1927-1929 can not make the temple back in one piece because a lot of stone temples that have been lost. However, when viewed as a whole building of the temple is still good.

Uniqueness Kalasan shrine found on the beautiful decorations and a fine stone carvings. In addition ornaments and reliefs on the exterior walls covered with old-fashioned type of cement called Valjralepa. Valjralepa uses aims to protect the temple from the algae and fungi. Valjralepa also refine sculptured reliefs and give effect to the golden color temple. Valjralepa layer rarely found in the temples of Prambanan area. In addition Kalasan temple. The temple is the use Valjralepa Sari temple. The temple of Sari is a series with the construction of a temple Kalasan. Kalasan temple as a place of worship while Sari temple serves as a dormitory for Buddhist monks.

Temple as the historical evidence that was once our country was led by job-patterned Hindu or Buddhist kingdom. Although those days have passed and we have different beliefs we still have to maintain and preserve this heritage. Nation's heritage is a valuable asset. Do not want Seeing the temple that is made in our country, we have to go to another country first because it was in their possession claims.

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