Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Walk To TMII

Executive summary by Darmansjah
High waves that come not from the high seas, but the results of engineering. Race because the water was not salty sea water instead.

Snowbay bay is not the name listed in one of the world map. Just Snowbay water entertainment area of ​​three acres in one corner of the Taman MiniIndonesia Indah (TMII) , East Jakarta.

For you lovers of water entertainment, beach snowbay tried. Moreover TMII location is not too difficult to reach people in Jakarta and surrounding areas.

"The service we can arrange a wave in Snowbay to seven stages. Of use within the lowest to the highest up to three meters, "said the deputy manager of snowbay watertainment TMII.

Tariff entry on weekdays for adults usd 12 and children aged 2-5 years of U.S. 9. On Saturday and Sunday and holidays, adult fare Usd 15, while the tariff USD12 children.

Once paid, after which visitors can select 11 games as much water there, including free use tires and other facilities. Three of the eleven games is only for adults, ie Hurrincae game, Flush Bowl, and Tube Coaster.

At the Hurricane game, visitors glide in aqueous tube of 12.5 meters high tower. At the end of the channel, tube turned into a mouthpiece like a trumpet. Well, in a funnel that the visitors are seated in the tire were raised by water pressure before falling into the pool. It was then heard shouts coming off the visitors.

"Visitors using green tire which has two passenger or passenger tires have yellow four people. When slid in water tubes, they oscillate and reaches its climax when thrown high in the funnel Hurricane, "explained the manager.

Tired of playing water in snowbay, can walk around to enjoy other recreational vehicle that is in TMII, such as a cable car skylift, aeromovel Indonesia, mini train, swan boat, bicycle tours, bicycle pedal cart, Sasana crafts, arts and crafts village, a rare book market, Mina Lake fishing, and Natural Color Outbound Camp.

In the village of arts and crafts sold a variety of traditional handicrafts, such as shadow puppets, puppet show, kris, craft shells, leather, painting, batik, various carvings, metal crafts, and bamboo handicrafts.

In TMII it feels complete, invites visitors of the children learn, play, and imagination in the open with a wide variety of games.


Besides TMII, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, North Jakarta, also can be a fun vacation location.

Ancol Visitors not only can enjoy the beaches and waving palm, but also can enjoy the atmosphere of the beach and biking grove of trees along the Kali Ancol recreation park and rides in it.

Lazy and busy to bring a bike from the house, visitors can rent a bicycle. Rental locations are also quite easy to find because not far from Ancol art market.

The rent is quite affordable. Banking made ​​free of rental fee for the first hour and the new rent charged 01.05 usd per hour starting in the second hour.

However, if you intend to rent a bike here should never be passed at 08.00. Because, usually all rented bikes visitors since at 07.30 even though the number of bikes provided more than 300.

With cycling, not only beach that can be enjoyed inside the Ancol Dreamland. We also can down the garden and trees in the area Ecopark newly opened a few months.

Interested in Ancol, Sundays and certain events manager Ancol beach party held at the Ancol park dolphins. In addition, there are also events in the clubhouse relaxing bike Ecopark, Interested?


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