Saturday, June 4, 2011


A young woman in kimono hangs a sign outside her teahouse in the Higashi Chaya-Gai district of Kanazawa.

Today I felt better when I woke up, which happened to be in time for the hotel breakfast. Although it was my third day staying here, I had yet to avail myself of the free meal. I’m glad I did, as the quality, freshness, and healthfulness of the buffet was in start contrast to what I’m used to having in the U.S. – or even in Vietnam, for that matter.

I chose a selection of lettuce, tuna fish with almonds, scrambled eggs, fish cake wrapped in kombu and cucumber, salmon, green beans, steamed rice, orange, and grapes. It might sound like a lot, but the portions were so small that it wasn’t much at all. Not a bad start to the day, right?

About twenty minutes later I was walking to Kanazawa station to buy another day’s Bus Loop pass. I headed for the Higashi chaya-gai geisha district near the Asano River. In fact, the bus dropped me off at the Asanogawa Bridge (stop #6), which is charming enough to be a sightseeing destination in its own right.


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