Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Travel to Top of Europe

Switzerland  At Glance

 Mount Titlis

Compared to France, Holland, and England, Switzerland became the State that are less popular in the eyes of first-time tourists who travel to Europe. If any entry in a series of trips, at most, only stopping briefly to one or a few attractions like Mount Titlis.

the famous Alps

In fact, this timeless land where snow had a lot of interesting things to explore. Call it a watch that makes this country the name of inflated, or chocolate delights and quality is recognized throughout the world.

the city of Interlaken

Likewise with the natural scenery. Imagine, the famous Alps can be enjoyed from the city of Interlaken. There is also a unique Gstaad small town with houses typical Swiss architecture made of wood, called chalets. The city is both a gateway to Glacier Mountain 3000 which succeeded in attracting many tourists arrive.

a unique Gstaad small town

Glacier  Mountain 3000 is a ski resort is covered with eternal snow throughout the year. To reach it can use the cable car up to a height of 3120 meters. No less interesting would enjoy Mount Jungfraujoch at an altitude of 4158 above sea level, and simultaneously making it the highest peak in Europe.

Glacier  Mountain 3000
Mount Jungfraujoch

Byron's Castle Chillon od

A visit to Switzerland would not get out of Geneva, one of the largest city in Switzerland which also became the center of the world. One of the well-known there is the United Nations Building and Red Cross Building. Decorating the city also looks beautiful with the Home Garden, water fountains in the Lake au Jet D'Geneda, and the cathedral building. In this area too there is Byron's Castle Chillon od and the Reformation Monument.

the Lake au Jet D'Geneda

Complete a visit to Zermatt, pollution-free city at the foot of Mount Mattehorn, with the typical atmosphere of the impressive countryside. The journey can be continued to Mount Gronegrat by train or Mount Matterhorn by cable car to view scenery from the mountain heights.

Mount Matterhorn

St. Moritz

The highest town in Europe, St. Moritz, no less sensational. The town is nicknamed "Queen of the Alps" is famous as a ski European royal families. Of course, Zurich is not behind. This is the metropolis that still showing the typical classic European ecosystems and feels so.

Turkey At Glance

Not only in Switzerland, another country that also offers a memorable travel experience is Turkey, which among others is unique because it is located on two continents at once, Europe and Asia.

 istanbul turkey

Western and Eastern influences also wring Turkey trip and make the sheets of history so interesting to follow.

In Istanbul, for example, the city encouraged in Turkey in the 3rd century AD, known as Byzantium, and in the 4th century AD became the official capital of the Eastern Roman Empire.


For the record, the first imperial city thousands in Nicomedia, in the area Amatolia. Then in the 4th century AD, Emperor Constantine I moved the capital to Byzantium, located on the Bosphorus Strait, and since it is better known as Byzantine Constantinople which is important in Europe-Asia trade lane.

the Bosphorus Strait

Furthermore, in the 15th century AD, Sultan Mehmed I of the Ottoman Empire captured Constantinople and marked the beginning of the era of Turkish-Islamic empire. Starting time that the name "Istanbul" is better known until now.


Another Turkish charm that is not less interesting is Kaymakli which is the largest underground cities in Cappadocia, Cotton Castle which is made ​​from the terraces which sulfur and sulfur water flow, travelers can also see the ruins of Hierapolis which is a city in Roman times where you can find Cleopatra's Pool.

 Cotton Castle
 the ruins of Hierapolis
 Cleopatra's Pool

For those who want to shop there is the Grand Bazaar, the largest and oldest market in the world, in which there is more dri 4000 vendors selling souvenirs of Turkey.

 Grand Bazaar

TravelerGuidance.Blogspot.Com informed that the traders in the market is very friendly. This is because the traders have the principle that people will be happy if served with a happy, and happiness will be contagious to others. Something interesting and worthy of copy right?


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