Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Foreign Trip To The Endless Lonely

By Darmansjah

A feat in itself if Indonesia was able to achieve the target of tourist visits. As carved in 2010. According to the minister of culture and tourism that the level of foreign tourists to visit Indonesia to reach 7 million people?

In fact, the arrival of foreign tourists has been plagued by the cancellation of 14 airline flights to Indonesia because of the outstanding issue of terrorism in Bali and the major cities in Indonesia. However, this disaster did not deter foreign tourists who visited Indonesia. You need to know, targets 7 million foreign tourists are able to produce about 7 billion U.S. dollars.

The number of foreign tourists who visited Indonesia (inbound) is encouraging. However, on the other hand, Indonesia is also a growing number of tourists and does not hesitate to breathe in the charm of foreign travel.

Target tourists from Indonesia are usually the European countries, the United States, Australia, and Asian countries, such as South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, China and Singapore. For example, the number of Indonesian tourists who vacation in Malaysia totaled 23.65 million people.

Factor supporters

There are some underlying aspects of Indonesian society who looked at tourism abroad. Among these are a fairly good economic conditions. Although the world was hit by the economic crisis. Indonesia's economic condition could be said relative calm. Incomes are getting better also get people to consider finding a different atmosphere in the foreign tourist.

coloradao river

Indonesia outbound tourism prospects are quite good. Moreover, fiscal now gone, the cost of overseas became more affordable. Economic development in Indonesia is also quite within the average level. Communities are increasingly able to issue a fee for the tour.

Menjangan Island Bali

Tourism is clearly visible indication of the number of flights abroad. For example, a flight from Jakarta to Singapore to grow up to 6 times a day. Some airlines also adds to its fleet.

Another factor, some people want a different taste experience abroad. Accustomed to living in a tropical country, Indonesia is also the desire to feel the nuances of the country four seasons, one of which is a snowy atmosphere.


In addition, overseas travel is famous for its infrastructure is complete. Starting from the access road to tourist attractions, to the comfortable accommodations. Generally, many countries have given more attention in terms of tourism. Where tourists are not spoiled with this kind of service?


Indonesia is usually a lot of tourists from abroad come to at certain times. For example during school holidays children (around June-July) or post-holiday The Eidul Fitri.

High season is usually during school vacations or after the Eidul Fitri  and other festivals. Other months there is a demand, but not as much this time.

For low season, or outside of these times, the public interest is quite large. The reason, the price is quite skewed compared to the high season.

Recommended, prior to travel abroad, you have to book or order a tour package far in advance. Therefore, approaching the day of departure, ticket prices will be more expensive. Similarly with accommodation.

One way to look for inspiration abroad is to follow the exhibition tour. Exhibition tours generally featured not only the airline or travel agent (travel agents), but both guides.

There are many benefits you can get from the exhibition tour. For example, booking a fare plane, famous sights, and other benefits such as promos new tourist destinations.

One thing to note, before the tour, people should first set a goal, the destination and budget. For example, if the tour is in conformity with the allocation of funds? Is interesting to visit a tourist attraction complete with facilities? Usually the credit card holder, there are special discounts. So, take advantage of the excess credit cards when going sightseeing.

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