Friday, April 15, 2011

8 Places of Interest in China outside of The Great Wall

This article By Mitch Moxley addapted by Darmansjah Godjali

Glacier lakes, forests in the mountains, sandy beaches and more. This is a list of dramatic goals that may never have imagined when you consider China.

There are more destinations in China than just the Shanghai Expo, cheap food, and a large wall. Messages train tickets and plane tickets, then look at some of the attractions of China.

1.     Karakul Lake, Xinjiang

Karakul is a glacier lake with an altitude of 3600 masl, hidden among the Pamir Mountains, and looks like being on the edge of the world. Located along the Karakorum highway and a stone's throw from the border with Tajikistan, Karakul is the number of camels, yaks, Kyrgyz herders and ... that's it. Walking around the lake (Lake Karakul means black in Kyrgyz language) takes about 3 hours and will offer spectacular views of Mount Muztagh Ata with a height of 7500 meters.

Many visitors who choose to stay at the Yurt of the local population. With a price of $ 10 per night, you can eat rice, vegetables, yak meat and sleep in bedrooms are warm from the stove over low heat. Dress warm.

2.    Tower of Tibet in western Sichuan

This mysterious towers coloring Corridor Tribe in western Sichuan Province. Hundreds of the tower is still standing - some reaching a height of 50 meters and points to 13 points - and the oldest estimated age of 1200 years.

No one knows why these towers stood and what its uses, but some people say that this tower is part of the defense structure to observe the surrounding hills. Others predict that these towers are a symbol of status or storage house, or both. Even so, this Himalayan mysterious tower is one of the secrets of China.

3.     Major rivers in China

China has some of Asia's largest rivers - the Yellow River, Yangtze, and Mekong - and for many people, the giant dam project this country is a tragedy. But China still has some river channels are maintained and can show the Chinese side who rarely appear on the surface.

Last Journey River Expeditions, run by young Americans who seek to preserve the cultural heritage of China's rivers, could be a starting point. This company offers tours to the rivers in Western China - including Tibet, Qinghai and Yunnan - which combines tourism with social and environmental objectives.

4.     Lake of Heaven, The Loch Ness China

Since early last century, Paradise Lake Monster has been a few times 'appears'. In 2003, a group of soldiers say they saw a green and black animal with scales on its back and horns on his head. In 2007, a TV cameraman to take pictures and photographs of three pairs of finned creatures, shaped like seals, and swim as fast yacht.

There or not there is a monster, the Lake of Heaven is a miracle. Volcanic Lake in Jilin Province is considered a holy land in the Qing Dynasty. From the peak, you can catch a glimpse of North Korea across the border.

5.     Burma Road, Yunnan

Never connects Mandalay Burma Road to Kunming and the site of bloody battles in World War 2. In the Chinese territory, this road started in Riuli and is known as the Golden Triangle connecting points, and is now popular as jade market. You'll pass through scenic hills and terraced rice fields on the way to Tongsheng, where the presence of the Museum Anti Japan, Yunnan-Burmese War.

Before heading Dali, reserving a few days to walk through traditional villages along the southern part of the Nu River. Upon arrival in Dali, relax in one of the cafes that spread in the Old City before reaching Kunming, capital city of Yunnan and one of the coolest cities in China.

6.      Small Africa, Guangzhou

Hidden in one of the Old City center of Guangzhou is the most exciting corner in China that you do not know: a community consisting of about 20 thousand traders from Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana and other countries in Africa.

Located near Center Buy Wholesale Apparel Export Canaan, African Small or Chocolate City - as is often called by local residents despite sounding somewhat racist - emerged in the 1990s. This is the period when the traders come in droves to the province of southern China who were given the nickname 'world factory'. Social groups and religious communities growing rapidly and many traders who would be willing to tell you about their life story - the good and bad - in Guangzhou.

7.     Naked in Moganshan Hill

At the beginning of last century, the wealthy foreigners living in Shanghai come to Moganshan to relax during the summer at their villa, playing tennis, and swimming in general. Now back Moganshan famous, partly because Naked Retreats, a collection of traditional houses are renovated. (Do not be fooled by its name - if you want naked, then it must be done in your bungalows only)

Once arrived, the guests brought through 'walk' and are advised to spend a few minutes admiring the scenery. Activities available include cycling, fishing, and hiking. Visitors can walk through tea plantations and bamboo forest, or swim in the reservoir water while hearing the sound of insects. Accommodation provided is quite simple - the wood floors creak and no air conditioning - but the bungalows are equipped with kitchen, flat screen TVs and wireless internet.

8.     Gulangyu Island

Every tourist to China always had a story about the car - or several - and rarely positive. Gulangyu, an island off the coast of Xiamen, may be the only quiet places left in China is obsessed with cars.

Gulangyu, home to about 16 thousand people on one square kilometer of land, famous for having no motor vehicle (with some exceptions). Bicycles were not there. No horns, traffic jams, the experience is almost an accident. Could this place called China? This hilly island as a half Havana, half-Hawaiian - sweet dreams pedestrians.


  1. This guy doesn't know anything about China. He gives out fake names of places. And doesn't include The Great Wall Of China, one of the seven wonders of the world. Nobody would want to visit the African street in Guangzhou because there is technically nothing to do there. "Half Hawaiian"? Hawaii is the other side of China, get your facts straight.

  2. Cheap food? First of all the Restaurants in China are far more fancier than what you see in the US. Only because Americans like food fast, the system is kind of like that, genius. Plus the Shanghai Expo is very interesting than things in which you describe on looking like somewhere that isn't China. "Obsessed with cars", that is only because China is changing industrially, and fast. A building that takes 10 years here could only take a few months in China. So I think you should fix up that terrible writing from being biased toward one side. Be optimistic, not pessimistic on such a wonder like China