Wednesday, April 13, 2011

new era, new ways

New era, New ways

Advances in technology not only provides convenience, but also opens new horizons and ways for people in work and activities. Take for example the world of photography from the time of the analog camera that later evolved into the era of digital photography, the camera is divided into three classes, namely DSLR, prosumer, and a pocket camera, a term which is now known familiarly called single lens digital (SLD).

So called following the steps taken by Olympus and Panasonic that in August 2008 announced a new camera system called micro four thirds system (MFT).

The system updates the old system of four-thirds (FT). by eliminating the reflex mirror, and then create a new lens system which adapts to the empty space due to the loss miror reflex. This new system allows a lens system that is much more concise.

So compact, so light. Enjoy shooting anywhere, anytime so the concept of olympus PEN in 1959 which is still used and realized with the presence of micro four third system.

There are several advantages of Olympus MFT, the first, significant reduction in thickness, size and weight of the camera lens system with off rates. By reducing 50% of the distance plange back, but still maintain the quality of the picture, this system managed to make a camera with a compact size and concise.

Second, the camera with lens exchange system can be designed freelance for movie recording in the future. This camera not only can be used to capture still images, but with a compact body, the user can easily move to HD-quality movie mode that can be obtained because the sensor size that is greater than ccamcorder censorship in general.

Third, this system allows users to add the FT lens adapter on the camera body. Last but not least interesting is the art filter that opens wider possibilities to users to be able to play.

Olympus wanted to put forward portable. Small but could make a good photo.

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