Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Millions of Enchantment in China

Among the many tourist destinations in the world, China became one of the most favorite in the eyes of the travelers. In Indonesia alone we can see how the communist country is offered in the tour packages by travel agencies.

There are few places in China which until now has huge tourism potential. Beijing, for example, as offered

China's capital is a political and cultural center that has a history of more than three thousand years. The buildings distinctive character of the kingdom era, including a large wall (GreatWall) over 6 thousand km of the famous modern building in the world and even coloring the city.

There is also the field, covering 400.000m2 Tiananmen Square which is located in downtown Beijing. Field has a history in the era of cultural revolution in 1989.

No less interesting is the forbidden palace (Forbidden City). Touted as the imperial palace of the largest and most well preserved throughout the world, this place used to be a place where the emperors lived at the same time take care of everything related to politics and empire in Qing Dynasty  and Ming Dynasty. While still in Beijing, stop a moment to the Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, and Sun Tomb, the tomb of the thirteen emperors of The Ming Dynasty grand and spacious, also known as the Underground Palace.

After a drink in the atmosphere of complacency China centuries ago, back our progress in developing China's economy and culture in Shianghai, Shianghai who became China's largest port city into a place that is not less exciting remedy in the visit, because there are some interesting places such as Nanjing Road is famous as shoppingholic central shopping lust. And The Bund and the building has a European architecture, and Yu Garden in the vicinity into shopping district and culinary tours.

If thirst not being met by the history of china. Xian city into the most appropriate place, because here are stored several relics like Terracota Warrior, warrior and horse sculptures Supreme Emperor of Qin who became one of the 8 building wonders in the world.

Qing shi huang Emperor was the first emperor in ancient china age (+ / - 220 years ago), inside the tomb consists of many ceramic statues of soldiers and horses, about 5,000 fruit and making sculptures that resemble the original human like form.

In addition to history, China also has natural scenery is very charming and very fascinating, as in Guilin with Lie River that offers panoramic painting, Red Flute Cave in the cave there are stones with beautiful colors. And if still not satisfied with its natural scenery, you can visit the Yellow Mountain (Huasan Mountain), with the height and panoramic mountain and the air is so natural, and the rustling of the wind and clouds that surround you seemed to be in the expanse of white cloud of softness.

Of course, millions of tourist destinations that do not run out a year visit the natural beauty surrounding beautyand  elegance of china , through an orderly and well maintained infrastructure is very good so far, and hopefully the progress of their nation and culture inspire honesty and kindness of admirers who visited this country a million charm.

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