Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Pamper Baby on the West Coast

Executive summary by darmansjah '

Generally, the people of Indonesia recognize the U.S. from a Hollywood movie that aired on the big screen. Naturally, if the opportunity to visit the land of Uncle Google, the travelers from Indonesia usually have always wanted to see everything related to movies, such as seeing a movie studio or run into a Hollywood star.

When the U.S. which is the goal when on vacation, especially if to take the baby, West Coast region is an ideal place to visit

Starting from LA, West Coast offers many attractions of games, such as Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim. By using Disney Trolley provided by the hotel, both places can be visited in one day. There is a Jungle Cruise, Indiana Jones Adventure, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and so forth.
To be more complete vacation experience, do not forget to universal Studio in LA. Not only children but grown people will be able to make addictive taste attractions ever created for film scenes full of action, a kind of Back To The Future, The Ride, The Terminator, Backdraft, Waterworld, Wild West, Jurassic Park, Extra Terrestrial (ET), and much more.

Being in Los Angeles, be prepared to see places that have been frequently aired by local TV, such as Mann's Chinese Theater, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Kodak Theater, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and the legendary Sunset Boulevard.

In addition, Las Vegas is a city that often appears as the background of Hollywood movies. The city is sparkling and inhuman is located in the State of Nevada and in the past is a barren desert, but now transformed as the city of lust for gambling suppliers.

Now the city is transformed into an entertainment center not only contains the casinos and nightlife. Just take a walk on the wide sidewalks and sparkling, while enjoying the dancing fountain show in front of a famous hotel that IBSA is its own story to take home. On the way to Las Vegas, shopping enthusiast can stop in Barstow Outlests, because the shops in this area selling famous designer brands, and highly recommended that you do not use pirated brands, while shopping  at this location, with the discount is quite reasonable and it ranged 25-60% throughout the year, and this discount, absolutely no subterfuge discount from merchant.


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