Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Walk to Taman Bunga Nusantara

There is still a coolness in the Peak

By Darmansjah Godjali

Saturday-Sunday it feels like to relax in a typical Japanese garden villa. Continue to boating around the lake like in Venice with my beloved partner. Children? Let them have fun up the banana boat. Not to forget, getting pampered with delicious food abundance.

At the resorts where ya dream come true? Not far away. The location of the dream still be around Bogor and Cianjur, West Java. At least, at this weekends include in the agenda of the streets you to visit the city of flowers and flower park in Cianjur Archipelago.

On the way to the city of interest to stay and relax, stop at Earth Aki, morning fog still blanketing parts of the earth's top restaurants are located on the edge of the battery main road Cipanas-Cisarua, Bogor, still pretty quiet.

A servant takes the visitor to the east wing of the main building exactly to the bale-bale number two from the edge of the highway. From this view best.

Bale-Bale was facing south. From a sitting position on the bale-bale number two, right overlooking Mount Gede Pangrango, with no buildings blocking.

he atmosphere in the restaurant was quite fun, in addition to landscape design comfortable and unique restaurant with wood, there are also hotspots for customers to surf in the virtual world for free.

Aki On Earth, the food menu on offer starting from satai goats, sati chicken, goat soup, oxtail soup, carp menu, until the fried rice. They also offer brown rice as an attractive alternative.

Earth Restaurant Aki started to operate more or less 20 years ago. The name of the restaurant owners were chosen by the couple to honor the couple's grandfather, who bequeathed land to the restaurant, which is relying on the natural scenery, as well as food.

Flower City


As the name implies, Flower City complex is a vast area and green, with flowers blooming in the gardens of his villa. The region that is more or less 80 km from Jakarta, precisely on Jalan Hanjawar. Skukanagalih Village, District Pacet, Cianjur regency, was built in an area of approximately 125 hectares since around 1993. until recently the number of villas built to reach around 2,500 homes.
Here there are a myriad of facilities, such as the attack pool, sauna, fishing pond, tennis court, Little Venice, Fantasy Arena, as well as horse riding rentals. Each facility serves an average of visitors from morning until 18:00 in the afternoon.

On weekends or school holidays, the villas are fully occupied not only by the owner of the villa, but also deliberately rented villa yan entrants. To get into the area this villa for free. New ticket will be charged to visitors who use the facility tours.

Relax, relax, relax

If it's in the City of Flowers is time to really relax, relaxed, and relaxed. After parking the vehicle and lowering the goods, a cup of hot drinks to be friends right to enjoy the villa. Relax your muscles first before explore complex of villas, Little Venice, Arena Fantasy, Family Gathering or event and Relationships.

Various design villa in the city of flowers is always nice is fun home to wash the eyes as well as objects. The villas are built with special themes, such as Japan or mimic a typical house building Europe. All vials constructed with various sizes, equipped with one or two rooms to multi room to accommodate dozens of people.

Little Venice is a complex artificial lake in the city of flowers, with a variety of recreational facilities, such as gondolas, Mississippi boats, duck boats, and banana boat. While area fantasy, as the name implies, it will toss your kids fantasy. In the design of a fairy tale like the U.S. style. The atmosphere is identical with the world's western cowboy greeted visitors thick.


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