Monday, April 25, 2011

Disasters That Unify

Panus Toding (holding hammer), a resident of the Village Sanduay, Wasior District, Kecamatan Wondama Bay, West Papua,  fix his house along with several neighbors. Many homes were damaged or destroyed a large tree hit by a stone and flash floods that swept away some time ago. Wasior Residents are now beginning to rise with each other to help fix their homes.

Natural disasters that befell Wasior, Mentawai, and Mount Merapi last year jerking humanity Indonesian nation. People sacrificed time, energy, and work to help victims of disaster. They await publication. They simply live the teachings of the ancestors, help each other unconditionally.

Hasruddin (24 year ikd) was conferred with some refugees and residents in the village of Wasior Two, District Wasior, Wondama Bay District, West Papua, on Wednesday. Volunteer Red Cross Indonesia (PMI|Palang Merah Indonesia) West Papua that are discussing the shortage of material to make wells for the refugees.

"If the material is enough, later we can do together, yes, sir," said the Coordinator Hasruddin Wasior Two Residential Meanwhile, Hugo Ramar (46 years old).

Occupancy While Wasior Two consisted of five barracks filled with 60 families. After the construction of wells, construction activity will continue with the installation of water into refugee camps. "Now, the refugees still take clean water, a distance of up to 300 meters. Very busy and exhausting, "complained Hugo.

Wasior Two includes the villages hit by flash floods on October 4, 2010. Wasior devastating flood that killed 169 people. In addition, 115 people missing and 9460 people displaced. After a moment absorbed in grief, efforts to organize a new life began to squirm. With new hope, the people move themselves to fix the housing and public facilities. Most of the work together like that made ​​Hasruddin with residents and refugees.

inner bond

Attitude to help others just showed up. They do not expect anything from helping victims of natural disasters. They just want to ease the burden on relatives who were suffering compatriots.

Like Yanto, the village head Banyuroto, Sawangan District, Magelang regency, Central Java. When thousands of residents Shaman District, Magelang, and Selo, Boyolali, displaced due to the massive eruption of Mount Merapi, 5 November 2010, he immediately set up shelters and soup kitchen. Although the Village Banyuroto not designated as refugee camps, Yanto swiftly prepare 90 homes, schools and community halls to accommodate the refugees.

He was immediately instructed the residents donate five packs of rice and side dishes each family for the food needs of refugees. Make the same bad destiny bond residents lamented not serve the refugees until the government intervened. Everything is done Banyuroto Village residents are happy. "Helping others is the duty of us all," said Yanti.

It is also common in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra. Most of the residents of settlements on the island of Sipora, North Pagai Island, and South Pagai Island, on the west coast of Sumatra is famous for its beautiful waves for surfing, destroyed by the tsunami on Monday (25/10/2010). An earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale at a depth of 10 kilometers as far as 78 kilometers southwest of South Pagai Island, Mentawai,
triggering a wave height of 10 meters. Some victims suffer because help did not comesoon. Survivors and helping others without asking first, who they evacuate.

Ritin Saleleubaja (27 years old), who lived in the hamlet Sabeugukgung, Betumonga Village, Kabupaten Pagai Utara, lost his wife (Resna) and their children, Esna Saleleubaja (8 years old) and ISDA Saleleubaja (5 years old). Ritin including the 50 residents survived Sabeugukgung population of 260 souls. Similarly, John Sababalat Misbun (28 years old), a resident of Hamlet Lakau, Bulasat Village, South Pagai. He became a handful of survivors of many lives.

They work together to find other victims scattered waves swept away. There is stuck in a tree, there is a sink in the swamp, and some are falling rubble. Misbun Ritin and continue on foot to evacuate the victims were killed while looking for food for the victims of injury. The village where they lived was a graveyard of other citizens. They only rest when volunteers from the mainland started to go to the Mentawai Islands, on Thursday.

Being a volunteer is not an easy task. They should be able to understand the psychological conditions of refugees and faced them with wisdom. Sometimes there are angry because of refugees who do not get aid, channeled through the village chief.

Volunteers must be able to explain this well without incriminating anyone."When they say thank you sincerely, that's when I shiver and appear inner satisfaction," said Hasruddin.


As experienced Alfius Zachawerus, volunteers from Pekanbaru, Riau, which have more than one month in the Mentawai Islands regency, West Sumatra. Any natural disaster, Alfius immediately leave the company to become volunteers to disaster areas, such as an earthquake in Padang, West Sumatra, and the eruption of Mount Sinabung in Karo District, North Sumatra. Because management did not give permission or leave, he resigned and still go.

"I want to ask permission to go to Mentawai, but are not allowed. Well, I resigned, "said Alfius. He also resigned as a driver's catering company.His commitment is only one, helping disaster victims. Helpful attitude and willingness to sacrifice to help the victims of the disaster was made Alfius no trouble finding new jobs after the disaster region.Sincerity to help others is also shown five residents Tumalei Hamlet, Village Silabu, North Pagai. Cornelius Saogo (65), Christian Berisigep, Libertius Saogo, Robertinus Saogo, and Mortius Saogo (deceased)-through his heirs, Nurman Saogo, donated seven acres of land for the relocation of their village which was hit by the tsunami destroyed.

They did not demand compensation to the citizens of another or the government because it did not want to go back Tumalei population lives in the tsunami-prone locations. They also gave up plants in the garden, cut down to meet the needs of building materials.

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